Monday, September 27, 2010


I'm so excited about this post cause it's so fun & especially since I haven't blogged in awhile!
(I actually do in reading other blogs. Not actually making my own posts..bad!)

Last Saturday, it was hot. The temp was around 85.
I have a feeling that it's the last time that it's ever gonna be that warm this year, so we had to take advantage. It was sort of last minute.
Aris, Belle, & I went to Atlantis Marine World.
It was so fun! Belle was so surprised & shocked with what she saw. It's so fun seeing her reactions to the sea creatures.
This aquarium is not big. We were able to see everything.
So it's not overwhelming at all. It's very kid friendly.

Pointing to the little starfish.
Shark!! Those rows of teeth. I just kept staring at the rows of teeth.
You can also go in there with them. They put you in a wet suit, in a cage & you can see them up close & personal.
I told Aris, but he passed. Oh and there's a fee of course.
Funny story:
Other people were behind Belle taking pictures of the sharks.
When Belle turned around, she saw all the strangers with their cameras.
She stood still, smiled, & said, "CHEEESEEEEE"
And everyone laughed.
shy African penguins

Cute otters!

How cute is that pirate!!?

We spent most of our time with the stingrays.
Belle enjoyed this part the most.
You could touch the stingrays. They are slimy, slippery, & smooth.
You stick your hand in, they pass by & give you a "high five"
Instead of passing by giving us a "high five", this guy stuck his head out close to our faces. Belle jerked her head back right away.
But she wanted to stay & keep playing anyway.

An iguana

Belle was fond of this alligator. She kept staring & talking to him.

We saw a couple of snow monkeys.
Don't know what they were doing in an aquarium but they didn't look happy.

Another funny story:
We were looking at this picture.
My dad was telling Belle, "That's your Daddy Belle"
Me: Belle, what is that??
Belle: Bobby!! (my dad)
We all laughed out butts off!
Instead of Daddy, she said Bobby! haha That's what my dad gets!

Tortoises. Or as Belle calls it, TURTO!

There was also a sea lion show, but I didn't think Belle would have sat through it.
So we just saw the sea lions below the water instead.
While everyone watched the show, we were just sitting here by ourselves watching them.

Sea horses! Aris said they were eating.

And that was it! We also had an ice cream break.
So that was fun. We need to bring Belle to a zoo soon.
Cause her reactions to animals even on TV is exciting.
Maybe on her birthday we can bring her to Bronx Zoo.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bieber fever!!

Belle caught it. The infamous Bieber fever!
I mean....really!

When I went to the city last week, we were by Madison Square Garden...and I've never seen so much girls.
Wearing Justin Bieber tshirts, holding posters, screaming.
Klarissa almost got ambushed.
My cousin was stuck in a train with excited giggly Bieber girls.
It was crazy. I thought...Oh I guess he's having a concert ?? ha ha ha!

But it doesn't end there. Cause here at the house, at least once a day, Belle turns the radio on & dances to "Baby."
And then repeat.
I decided to capture it one day...
(Pretending her hands is a microphone)

And then my sister & her always do this crazy dance move....

The song ended....
"NOOOO! Agi! Agi! AGI!!!" (Agi = Again)

HA the excitement every time the song starts.
It's like she's heard it for the first time.
Seriously...if we're not out of the house, this happens AT LEAST once a day!
It's funny to watch her every time.

Oh and random...that polka dot "dress" Bells is wearing, is actually my tank top!
I've had it for years...& haven't worn it in awhile.
I found it, & tied the straps then put it on Belle.
This pic was taken 4-5 years ago with Klarissa!
I really didn't wanna post this pic up.
But it just proves how Bells wears it better.
Hey! At least I don't have to throw it out!

And one more thing. This arrived in the mail that same day........
We started potty training!!
She's not fully trained yet but she started.
Hopefully next week. We'll see.
::Crossing fingers::

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

life's a beach

We went to the beach only once this summer and stayed for only 15 mins.
On Labor Day weekend, Bells & I joined Klarissa's family at the beach...two days in a row!
Thanks for the invite :)
I came to the conclusion that September is the best time to go there.
It's not too hot, not too cold, we didn't get burnt, & the water was bearable.

On the first day we came late, stayed for a few hours.
But on the second day, we spent the whole day there...really. Till the sun was going down. It was already time for dinner when we got home.

I was originally going to write captions/explanations on each picture, but then I realized that you can see the story without it!

Second day:

What a way to end summer.
It was the last day before school started, so all the kiddies went out.
No one can complain. The kids had a blast, & the adults relaxed.
Bells also flew a kite for the first time!
And she loves the sand. The sand really kept her busy.
Even Klarissa & I are thinking of getting her her own sandbox!

Klarissa's little cousin..Sofia was also celebrating her 6th birthday there. She is soo sweet! Belle followed her everywhere. & she let Belle plays with all her toys, she always let Belle in her space. Also, they were both digging a big hole, each with a shovel.
I said, "Belle! Make sure you don't hit Sofi with your shovel!"
Then Sofia said, "Oh it's fine, she can hit me!"
Who says/does that!? (of course I didn't allow that)

Thanks again Klarissa!! Or as Bells would call you, SA!