Tuesday, March 22, 2011

weekend photo diary

american museum of natural history
(lenee couldn't stop laughing at this pic. had to post it. hehe!)

warning for bingle: keep scrolling down!

(bingle hates octopus. but belle loves)

weekend that quickly went.
the two girls troublemakers are too cute together.
they are each other's shadow. it's so funny observing them.
i love the museum but avoid weekends. it's wayyy crowded & go on a day when you don't need a jacket. carrying it around is not fun.
the weekend was really too short.
wishing for warm weekends soon so "weiwa" & "b" are happy.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

busy table

the living room table is always occupied.
it's belle's table. for eating, for drawing, painting, playing, etc etc!
it's overused & we need a new one cause the glass is broken on one side.
we're still using it regardless.

when belle plays with the iPad, she goes on youtube & finds the most random videos.
she found this one video on a tutorial on how to make an octopus using tissue rolls. it was even in spanish! she watched & showed it to me over and over again. until we one day tried it using whatever materials i had at home....
the one in the video is cuter.
cause the person used googly eyes. i don't have any.
googly eyes are much cooler!
and the video version had a closed head octopus. they put some type of cloth in the hole then blended it in with paint.
don't know what type of cloth...it was in spanish!
& we made 3 of them...

then homemade play doh...
surprise surprise...making an octopus!
favorite recipe that i found here:
1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/4 cup salt
2 tablespoons cream of tar tar
1 tablespoon vegetable oil

play doh is always a hit no matter what age you are.
one night while i was sewing, aris & belle were playing with it & it sounded like i had 2 kids:

A: stop it belle! you have your own!
(belle stealing aris's piece)
B: YAY!!
A: fine. take it but don't bother my other play doh anymore.
(both busy. then belle takes a look at aris')
A: stay on your side belle! this is my piece.
B: no way!

haha. crazy kids.

& this is also where belle does her daily ritual of puzzle making.
she does the same princess puzzle every. single. day.
sometimes even twice or three times a day.
sometimes she and my grandma race each with their own puzzles.

finished!! the time she feels most excited is when she completes it.
then she stares & admires it. sometimes even takes pictures of it with my phone.

this was funny.
my grandma actually finished first...while belle was putting her last 3 pieces.
then i noticed that my grandma misplaced 2 pieces.
so while she was fixing it, belle finished! haha
belle waiting for her to finish.
i spend a lot of my time with these 2 crazy ladies.
all they do is crack me up!