Thursday, July 21, 2011


these pictures are so appropriate for this heat wave.
it's making me "drool."

this was when we were last in NJ.
she likes to drink water! even in the shower she does this. i have to yell to stop!
leila gets nervous & hates the cold water being splashed on her.
she'd rather stay side & eat! hehe

of course, that's my kid!

& the next day the dads blew up the kiddie inflatable pool for the girls.
bingle was trying to catch a tan! haha
it took awhile for leila to join. but she eventually went in.
she preferred this than the sprinklers.
these were belle's works of art while waiting for the pool to inflate.

pheww it's so hot. i've been sitting by the air conditioner or fan all day.
now i'm tempted to turn on the lawn sprinklers so belle & i can run wild.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

perfect day

at fire island!
first timers

she saw everyone at the beach tanning.
she had no idea what they were doing. but she did it any way.
& of course she didn't last more than 1 minute laying there.

waves were getting big & it knocked her over. she was fine.
she wanted to go back in. bingle actually had to keep running after cause she kept running towards the waves. we had to carry her out of there.

then there was a little sand battle.
making fun things out of sand.
binh & king. vs bing & jason
jason & bingle won. the other team gave up cause my brother was over ambitious.
it was a village turtle.
bingle says that wood is a bridge to that doorway.
after braiding her hair....she fell asleep.
while the sun was setting.
thumbs up for a successful day!

Seriously was one of the best days. it was perfect. haven't been to fire island in about....i think more than 5 years. so nice to go back! its a getaway only 20 minutes away! the beach is clean. they are strict, but clean! the weather was not too hot. & the ferry ride was peaceful. that whole place is peaceful. going back there really soon!! loved it.