Monday, November 30, 2009


When you're sad & blue, just watch this video. You'll feel much better. Promise!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just pictures

A couple of pictures of the one & only taking over the house.

After breakfast, I let her loose & she goes & takes out her play mats under the table. Someone wants to play!
Taking out every letter.

I finished laying out all the letters. Then when I went to get her toys, I turn around & she takes it apart!
Crawling away from the crime!

This is my favorite game. Cause she stays on the couch & she's not running away from me! I put pillows around her, pretend I can't find her, then she takes the pillows apart & pops out of nowhere. Like a present!
The "what are you looking at face?!" again.

Aris dressed Belle here. I laugh cause he just pulls out any shirt & pants on top of the pile, whatever sweater & shoes that is closest, finds a bib and done! And it all goes well together.
Not excited about Grandpa's kiss. haha!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

PS..I finally watched New Moon last night with Aris. I'm one verrry happy camper! Thanks to Bing, Len, & Mike for babysitting!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Talking nonsense

Belle is teething again. And it's been rough. She's been having trouble sleeping, no appetite, her temp is up, & she's been real cranky. Poor thing. I feel like it's harder for me to deal with it this time around. I'm praying that this round ends soon. Like, now.

And can you believe that I'm ready to go to bed around 8:30 these days?? Last time that happened was when I was still in elementary! That just proves how much Belle wears me out. She's learned to run before she could master walking. Who knew that was even possible??

I've been a little whiny. Because it's Monday & I haven't seen New Moon yet. I was planning on watching it during the weekend but this whole teething thing makes it hard for me to leave Belle. And I feel bad for my grandma who has to watch her. I think that'd be too much for my grandma to handle. Aris says I sound like a 12 year old waiting & whining to watch New Moon. He's right. But just like the rest of the Twilight world, I've been waiting for this to come out for awhile!

Belle's first name is actually Isabella.
& I get this question a lot...."Did you name her after Bella from Twilight??"
Umm, no. I actually started reading Twilight while I breast fed. When I read the first page & saw "Isabella", I started laughing. But I joke saying that Belle's a vampire cause she's pretty & pale. hehehe!

Ok, no more talking nonsense. Here are pics while the lawn was getting cleaned up. And Belle took part!

There's no more leaves on trees. Cause they're all in these bags!

Belle taking care of the bags.

At the backyard...a pool of leaves!!
Lots & lots of leaves!
See? Belle is pale & beautiful. Just like a vampire!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here are some random photos taken while we were at Aris' in NJ.

At my house, Belle rarely sits by the window to just stare outside cause the windows are high, or there's furniture in the way. In Aris' room, the windows are big & right next to the bed. I found Belle always sitting/standing just watching outside.
And the blinds! Oh how she loved the blinds. Pulling it up & down over & over.
I woke up one morning & found her already watching outside. Don't you love the morning hair??

A new hobby...
Opening drawers & taking everything out.
"Hey little lady! You're busted!"
Aris is not a fan of this hobby. But it's so amusing to me, watching her happily take everything out one by one. So I let the mess happen.

This pic is my fave! She always gives me this face when I take pictures of her. The 'what are you looking at??!' face.
The face again! (I know, her nostrils are big. It's cause she picks her own nose! She really digs her fingers in there, so her nostrils got bigger. haha)

She likes what she sees in the mirror. Sometimes, when she sees herself in the mirror, she kisses the mirror! She's so humble...HA!

Having a toddler is tiresome. I think Belle has double the energy. Just look at Aris here! And this was around 1:00 pm.

How she prefers to watch TV.

Lenee's coworkers threw her a baby shower at the hospital. And Belle got the balloons!
Laughing with grandpa.

Going back there next week for Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More cheeseburger cupcakes!

I loved how the cheeseburger cupcakes turned out in this post & so did many others.
So last week, Bingle, Lenee, & I made them in NJ. It was a total laughing stock! It looked like 3 little girls doing a craft project in kindergarten & giggling throughout awaiting the result.

Didn't realize that we accidentally put a little too much of the batter.
It overflowed & look at the results!! Doesn't it look like real burger buns?! We died when we saw these at the oven. Never seen cupcakes get this humongous! But it worked out perfectly since this accident made it more realistic.

Since these "buns" were big, we purposely overflowed the next chocolate batter so they fit perfectly. We put the bottoms together & the tops together. So we had big & small burgers...or we better described it as "McDonald's & White Castle burgers."
Bingle's creation!
Lenee made this little burger for Belle.
Bingle packed one up & brought one to her husband at work. Sweet!...literally.

So much fun! I crack up every time. I'm surprised Lenee didn't give birth from laughing so hard. I don't think I can get tired of making these.

Hmmm..Thanksgiving??..Christmas? birthday??..New Years???
Just looking for an excuse to make these again.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ocean & Hudson

Hello! Meet Belle's new friend, Ocean...
Ocean is the son of one of Aris' friends. Belle met him last weekend. He's 7 months old. And he has more hair than Belle! I also love his cool!

When they first met. (Don't mind Belle's elf-like outfit)
"Uh mom? Ocean is still touching me"

This super fluffy dog greeted us when we walked in. Belle grabbed his fur really hard. Poor dog. He was nice!

Same facial expressions
Caught up on a TV show. It wasn't even a baby/kids show, it was a Filipino soap opera! hahah

Aris joked about the way Ocean crawls. He crawls military style!

Ocean was loving the camera. Look at him posing! Belle didn't care for the camera, but Ocean had Bingle going for the camera!

Till next time Ocean! Thanks for letting Belle take charge of your living room.

The next day, this puppy kept Belle company.
Meet, Hudson. He's a boxer. His parents are Jeff & Bingle. He's a little wild. But he's a puppy, so it's okay to be wild sometimes. And Belle was not afraid. She always had her eyes on him.Don't worry, Hudson was not about to bite Belle here. I think he was yawning.
"Where'd Hudson go??"

sniff sniff
Hudson, the genius!

And thanks to Bingle for taking most of these pictures.

Belle & I had a long stay in New Jersey since last week. Spent time with family & I feel like we did a lot cause it felt tiring. I think I'm just getting used to Belle walking everywhere & me having to chase her! We all took turns having to chase after her & we were beat. Especially Lenee with her round swelling belly almost ready to pop. Lenee was even chasing after Belle go up the stairs...which didn't last long. Oh yes, Belle knows how to go up the stairs. Never gives me a break!

More on NJ soon :)