Sunday, October 31, 2010

I love Halloween!

We went to 2 aquariums in the past 2 months & sharks is still in Belle's head. Literally!
Cause she totally picked out this costume.
First, she was stuck between a tiger & a shark.
She tried on the was ok.
Then she tried the shark on, she looked at herself in the mirror & her eyes got so big.
She laughed & said, "SHARRRK!"
So the shark it is!
A few bloody bite marks to make it complete.
Ready to go trick or treating!

She wasn't happy about me asking her to stay still to take a picture.

Belle & Mia getting excited.
Even though Mia doesn't eat chocolate. haha!
These cute superheroes greeted us & gave candy.
Their whole family was dressed up as Superheroes. I wanted a group picture.
But I don't even know the family & I was too shy to ask.

After what felt like a looong walk....time to head home.
We were tired!

ALSO! On Saturday, we went to a costume party.
So much cute kids costumes, dancing, & spider cupcakes!
Kate was Katy Perry cotton candy!
Me & Binh dressed up as Lady Gaga ;)

We HAD to dress as Lady Gaga! It's the only time when we can pull off her look. Must take that Gaga opportunity.

Here's where we got our inspiration:

Since Binh had the black lightning bolt, I wanted the blue.
I was more excited about having the lightning bolt more than anything!
Binh did all the make up of course.
I was sad when I had to remove my lightning bolt when I got home.
Belle kept pointing to it & says, "Gaga! Gaga!"
Thanks again Binh Duong for participating in all our festivities!!
We will dress up as Gaga again soon. Even if it's NOT Halloween.

Aris was not able to join us since he was working that weekend.
But we still had a great Halloween weekend anyway!
Love this time of year.
Even if it's getting cold.

Monday, October 25, 2010


On Saturday, we threw a small birthday party for Belle.
We didn't celebrate it on her actual birthday because it was going to be held at my house, but my mom was out of town that weekend.
So it was postponed for this weekend.
The people closest to Belle came to celebrate with us.

Everyone! With the exception of a Binh, Riley, Bingle, & Jeff.
Oh & Belle was napping when we took this picture.
That's why she's missing.

Really wish I could have taken more pics but we were all too busy eating & mingling that the cameras were left out.
Thank you all for coming to celebrate with us!
For all the people who brought food, drinks, and especially the gifts!
Oh Belle really can't get over her new clothes & toys.
Last night she tried on 5 different outfits & she is so busy with her new toys.
She is really really realllyyyyy happy!

Thanks again!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Belle turned 2 on Sunday, the 17th.
Can you believe Belle is 2!!?!! 2???
Seems like it was just yesterday when my water unexpectedly broke and I waddled around the hospital wearing a dress trying to look for the delivery room.
Then the pain. Oh the pain. cringe....
(I think I'm the only person who can describe labor as gross. All moms says it's so magical..Ummm magical? Yea okay. Gross is a better word!)
Ok no more delivery talk.

I still can't believe it!
We spent her birthday in NJ.
On Saturday, we went to another aquarium!
I'll make another post about that trip because I have so much pics.
Then on Sunday, we went to church, stayed home, & pigged out.
After dinner, Bells finally blew her candle.

The week before her birthday, she has been practicing on blowing her cake.
We even drew a picture of a cake, cut it out, & she would blow on it.
She didn't really care about her birthday.
All she cared about was her candle & cake!

Seriously, we sang Happy Birthday about 5 times at this point.
Ok time to cut the cake & eat!
Oh but the birthday girl wants to sing & blow the candle again!
& again...
This picture is so funny to me.
After singing about 10 times my face pretty much explains it all.
& then Leila in the background is like, "When will this end!" hahah
& Bells blew her cake...again!
We literally had to take the cake to the other room to stop the madness.

Thanks to Lenee & Mike for this gift!!

What a fun weekend we had!
Thank you beautiful people who made Bells' birthday weekend a fun one for her (& me!)