Tuesday, January 24, 2012


"remember disney?? and the princess???"
"ooo remember i give cookie to cookie monster???"

during new year's, i was excited for 2011 to be over. for some reason, i felt like nothing was accomplished. it just didn't feel like a fulfilling year for me.
but when i started to work on our 2011 book, i was kind of overwhelmed with all the pictures i had to put! i even told aris, "wow 2011 was pretty good after all!"
lots of blessings and plenty of memories to be proud about.
just a few of my faves....
like our first vacation to orlando...with extended family! i miss them.
the glorious moment when belle was officially potty trained!!!
that perfect day at fire island! can't wait to go back this summer.
and of course watching all those hot air balloons being launched all at once at 6am. 
which was definitely worth waking up at 4am.

she's been looking through the books everyday since we received the 2011 book.
when she finished & closed the book...i heard her say, "thats a greatest story ever!"
haha. love that she sees it as a story. which was what i was going for anyway. hehe
so true.
feeling blessed!

ps-i used mypublisher for these. I LOVE IT. love the quality, how it's so crisp & neat. they're always emailing me about special offers. and i always use the buy 1 get 1 free cause i get 2. and it saves me plenty of moolah!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


just when i said i couldn't wait for spring, i woke up to this.
but it wasn't a storm....just a couple of inches. enough for belle to get excited about.
she woke up HAPPY.
 my dad received this as a christmas gift. but i'm the one that uses it. currently my favorite mug.
breakfast. i love omelettes. but belle doesn't like eggs. this was her only option that day.
she didn't wanna eat. she just wanted to go outside.
and that....was then followed by a major tantrum...NOT fun.
& in the end, she ate it anyway :)
then i received this in the mail!!!
our 2011 photobook. happiness has arrived!
then aris went out to go shovel. belle followed.
i was happy inside, but belle insisted i came out...
i just took pics. it was SO COLD!!
that is one happy girl. she loves it!! she ran, rolled around, crawled and no complaints.
when aris was done i literally ran back in but went back out cause i had to carry belle inside. and she was bummed.....
"can i play in the snow pwweeeeeeaaaase???"
it was getting dark, rainy, and COLDER. so she really couldn't play anymore. she was sad till i brought out the kettle corn. our favorite!! yummm

Thursday, January 19, 2012

random stuff this week

always fun to play with self timer! especially since we need more pics of the 3 of us, cause one of us is always behind the camera. this was better off in black & white too.

belle & her "strawberry" birthmark on her forehead. it's rarely noticed. but when i do, i think of her as an infant. 

before she ate her cornbread she looked at me & said, "say cheese!!"
me: why?
b: this a camera!

she was supposedly on a pirate ship traveling across the ocean....
(funny how she's wearing her "Ahoy Matey!" pirate shirt in the cornbread pic!? haha)
i came home from bjs, using those boxes to carry in the stuff. & when i was about to throw it away, belle saw them and got excited. she's been preventing me to throw it out.
ever since, those boxes have turned into a pirate ship, a house, ice cream shop, etc,
she is one of those kids....that you give a box to, and she is thrilled!

almost tripped on this....her bunny & its lunch (belle really has quite the imagination).
it was right in the middle of the kitchen floor!

we ended up buying ice cream cake for my dad's birthday.
how cute are the candles?! it's so my dad. since he spends 90% of his time watching espn. 
knowing everything about anything with every sport!
happy birthday again to the loudest funniest man alive!

having a good week so far. 
& i finally ordered the 2011 photo album! (this was the post about 2010) 
it took me the whole weekend to finish, rushing to get the buy 1 get 1 free deal, which expired monday. & i'm glad the whole process is over! crossing my fingers that all turns out well.

have a good rest of the week!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

can't wait for spring

it's getting really cold. & our house is an igloo. i even wear a scarf inside.
& belle is always asking for soup or hot noodles.
i'm not a winter person, so this is typical me complaining at this time of the year.
i was cleaning out my laptop & found some old pics at the park, swinging.
after seeing them, i really can't wait for spring!!!
i miss the days at the park...
i have no idea why my brother decided to hang out with us at the park. haha
just a couple of more months.

& on a different note, today is my dad's birthday!!! 17 is a lucky number around here....3 people in this house were born on the 17th. & my mom will cook up a storm for dinner...so i'm excited!!!
should i bake a cake? or call binh?? haha

Thursday, January 12, 2012

when i only have my phone

some old & recent pics...
1. measuring herself while waiting at the doctor's
2. being too independent at the outlet
3. when belle & ponyo woke up!
4. after a whole day with belle....mia went to bed early. hahaha
5. grocery shopping...she said she wanted watermelon. i said, only if she holds it.
6. family pic
7. matching leopard pants
8. getting ready for our night out
9. in the car on a pretty day

loving the instagram app. if only my slr had instagram...that would be amazing!

Monday, January 9, 2012

green food

1. mine & belle's favorite noodles, korean green tea noodles.
2. aris's omelette. he makes good omelettes!
3. breakfast smoothie: green monster. recipe here
4. making juice. took out almost all the veggies (& an apple) in the fridge & cut em' up !
5. proof that the juice is good. haha! (with her lovely morning hair & everything!)

don't think i'm weird. i was just looking through iphoto & noticed i had a good number of green food. i could even start a collection! t'was a coincidence & this post wasn't planned. just thought i'd share.

& just cause you probably think i'm soooo healthy at this point, i'll share my currently favorite cookies...
red velvet chocolate chip cookies!!!! recipe here
of course i found it on pinterest & had binh bake them.
(cause i have really bad luck when it comes to baking)
& because we are the health freaks that we are...we changed a couple of stuff...
like butter - used vegan butter
sugar - brown sugar
flour - whole wheat flour
egg- used flaxseed & water
semi sweet chocolate chips - dark chocolate chips

substituting makes all the difference (for us). & the best part, we don't feel guilty eating them!! whaaaaaat!?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

busy weekend

friday: night out
a fun way to end 2011 with awesome company. we celebrated my birthday in the city & it was FUN!! can't wait for the next birthday coming up!....binh :)

saturday: new years eve aka leila's birthday!
can't believe leila is already 2! she wasn't even born when i started this blog. we celebrated till the ball dropped.

sunday: new years day
new years day was a much needed lazy day at the hernandez's. girls' tea parties, netflix movie marathon, & ordered pizza. quality time & good times.

almost a week into 2012 & i still don't have any new years resolutions. can't think of any good ones! don't think i'll be coming up with one. just wishing for a hopeful, positive year. ::crossing fingers::