Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twin pillows

My dad's coworker has twin girls, Ina & Ona.  They're 6 months older than Belle.  
Her parents gives Belle lots and lots of stuff that the twins doesn't need anymore.  They've been giving & giving ever since Belle was born.  I haven't even given anything in return (except their present on their bday, but I don't think that counts).

Last week, they gave Belle a jumper activity station & walker.  That stuff is not cheap!  I decided that I just HAVE to give something back to show that I really am appreciative & thankful.  Finally, I decided to make matching pillows for them.  

Ona & Ina

Hope they like it.  Cause I was very tempted to keep the "i" pillow for Belle.  Since her first name is Isabella. haha!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

White Cap Fish

Aris brought along Bingle & Jeff to pick us up last week.  For lunch we went to White Cap Fish.

White Cap Fish is a fish market in Bay Shore located right on the water.  So all their seafoods are fresh!  Just how Aris wants it.  You can just order food & sit there outside next to the water.  Very low key & so freaking cute!

At around 11am, we were the only ones eating there. 
Pretending to be a family.  But Belle is too light skinned to be their child! 

While we were eating, ducks came right out of the water & wanted to join.

Belle observing their every move.

And look what decided to join us as well...swans!  They are so big.  I didn't expect them to be as big as they were.  They are just huge, it's crazy.

Again, Belle is observing.  Look at all the ducks that came!

Oh & the food was great too!  I don't know why I didn't take a picture of it.  And it was the perfect serving.  Not too big & not too little.  Perfect!

Liberty State Park

While in NJ, Aris's family & I stopped by Liberty State Park.  It's a nice park with a nice view of Manhattan across the river.  We set up a picnic area.  I think we were the only ones who did that.  We ate, laughed, walked, relaxed, ate some more, laughed some more, & of course took pictures.  Beware, there's a lot! 

See Belle?  She's also holding her hand up

Yeah, definitely the only ones who prepared a picnic!

I forgot to pack Belle a sweater (bad mommy!).  Lenee's old tshirt was the next best thing.  It fit like an oversized gown.  

Aris attempting to pose. hehe!

How funny are our faces?!

Simple, inexpensive, fun, & tons of laughing.  What more do you need!?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Carlo's Bakery

Spent the weekend in NJ with family.  Very fun!  Chronological order is boring & overrated.  So the next posts won't be in that order. 

I'm a fan of TLC's show, Cake Boss.  Lucky me, the bakery's town (Hoboken) is near Aris's house.  So it's only right that we pass by while we're in town.

Bingle & I went in with Belle to order some cupcakes and their famous pastry, lobster tail.  
As Bingle is ordering, she was staring at the red velvet cupcakes.  

The sales woman asks: Is there anything else?
Bingle:  Can I please get 3 red lobsters?
What?  Red lobsters??  
The woman didn't hear.
Me:  It's not red lobster!  It's lobster tails!!
Bingle:  OH!  Can I please get 3 lobster tails?
Bingle:  I was staring at the red velvet, that's why I said red lobster! 
We burst out laughing.  Thank goodness the sales woman didn't hear.

Almost done ordering.  Then all of a sudden I hear, "Hello cutie! Hi! Hi!"
I look over, & there's Buddy.  Host of the show!  He's talking & playing with Belle!
He looks over at us & "Hi guys, I'm buddy"
Bingle:  Hi!  Belle watches you on tv
Buddy:  Really? Thanks so much!
Me:  The only time Belle stays up past 10pm is to watch your show.
Buddy:  Awww
Me:  You're so...(couldn't figure out the word)...Artistic!  (what?! I'm a loser!)
Buddy:  Thank you.  Thank you guys for stopping by!

He steps back to have a conversation with someone.

Bingle:  Let's take a picture with him!
Me:  My camera's in the car.
Bingle:  I have mine!!  I'll take a picture of you guys.
Me:  What? I'll take the picture!  I'll sweat bullets.
Bingle:  Me too!
Me:  Let's just have him take a picture with Belle!

Yay!  Buddy was so nice.  By the time we were leaving the bakery, it was getting crowded.  And I'm pretty sure he greeted everyone there.  He's that nice.

I don't know what's better:  Getting a picture of Buddy & Belle or the bakery's goodies!


Thanks Bingle for coming with & luckily having your camera. And thanks to Aris for taking us there.  (He was jealous he didn't go in after he saw the picture of Buddy & Belle!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Random series of fun :)

Belle was watching tv laying down.  That's rare.  She only lays down when she's sleeping.  I had to take a pic, she caught me, & all of sudden just put her leg up like that. 

The most peaceful time of the day

Practicing to walk & playing around on a pretty Sunday.  (Doesn't that dress look like a painting??  I wish it came in my size)

 They look identical.  Arisa & Aris.

How can someone with this little hair have morning hair?!  haha!  I laugh everytime.

Ok that's it for now.  Gotta get ready for a long overdue weekend in NJ with family.  Yay!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I finally blew up our cute little colorful inflatable pool!  Belle was the only one playing in it so I only filled the water up a few inches.  She was funny.  She sat in the same spot most of the time; hesitant to move around.  

I love the bright colors.  She was touching the colored spots on the pool at first.  Then she splashed, laughed, & chased after her toys.