Monday, June 28, 2010

block party

Two of our other neighbors graduated with my brother. My neighbor came up with the idea to have a block party to have one big celebration. We haven't had a block party in...4 or 5 years. I really love my neighborhood, & I have the nicest neighbors. So it was really refreshing.

My family invited a few of our favorite people.
& I took so much pictures!

My favorite little family came :)
It was Leila's first time here. My camera couldn't help but take pictures of her!!
Mama & baby have the same facial expressions.
Look at these two entertaining the kids!

We had a big water slide.
All the bigger kids loved it.
Belle wanted to join..but she's still too little.
Don't they look like a family of four here?!? HEHE!

This is how Belle entertained herself....for 70% of the day.
She likes playing with ice!
Don't you love Belle & Leila's zebra shorts! & How funny is this picture??
Aris laughed when he saw this..."It looks like Belle's having a flashback or something!"

HEY! What are you doing?!

Salted caramel cupcakes & Cheeseburger cupcakes

SO when Belle was around Leila's age, my dad loved holding her like this....

When my dad got a hold of Leila, he was about to attempt his thing.
BUT Lenee saw & quickly stopped him. Ha!
And now my dad is banned from holding Leila.
If it's any consolation, he used to do this to me when I was a baby too.
Belle & I was never hurt in any way. AND he won't let go unless he's sure Belle "got it."
Maybe next time, Lenee?? :)

Binh got hit by water balloons. By my sister & her friend.
Only cause Binh started it!

Belle got hit too!
"Must get revenge!"

I think it's safe to say, that we all had a good time.
It's so weird how I don't have any pictures of my brother. Cause he's the graduate/celebrant.
He was too busy being a kid...or a teenager. And we all know how teenagers are.

But I have more pictures to post.
From his prom & graduation. Don't worry, he's in those pictures!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday party

Last week...was kind of a weird week!

Belle was showing a lot of her naughty side...
The tantrums, sleeping late, always always wanting to watch, UP & nothing else.
I put on Finding Nemo & she freaked out until I put, Up back on.
Then she got sick..& she was the quietest I've ever seen.
By the time it was Friday, she was all better & was ready to partaaay for Iya's 3rd birthday luau party!

The birthday girl, Iya!
LOTS of kids there.
Suppose to pop balloons with their butts.
Ignoring popping balloons & just eating an egg roll.

The girls prepared a cute dance.
(& my dad thinks he's part of it)

Look at Iya's brothers here!..One is playing with her hair, the other one holding her arm, & the one behind her watching her blow.

Funny attempts to take a picture of these girls together!

Skyler..So patient & always listening.
Iya...So tired of "smiling" already. Just putting up with more smiles!
London...A good participant! All about the camera.
Belle...Wanted nothing to do with these pictures!
(This one would have been OK...If Belle wasn't trying to put a rock in her mouth!)
"Ok guys, I'm outta here!"

It was dark already. And then I saw my brother playing basketball against 4 little ones.
It was funny watching!
What a great way to end such a weird week.
Oh & if you're curious about how we spent Father's Day....
All Aris requested was to go fishing. And that's what he did.

This week will be quite interesting...My brother's prom, high school graduation, & block party this weekend :)