Tuesday, February 7, 2012


couldn't think of a good title for this post. haha!
last week (or the beginning of last week) was not so good. it was just a big ball of negative vibes, stomachaches, & headaches. t'was...very...ehh. 

BUT with the Giants winning the superbowl, i've been so happy it's crazy. 
i've been so superstitious, wearing the same outfit every game day since my birthday (with the win against the jets). hey, it's been working! call me crazy, that's fine. i scared belle when i screamed at the top of the lungs when the game ended. was even planning on going to the parade today, bringing belle along. but i don't think God will let the Giants win again if i tortured her like that...waking up super early, go on the train, waiting, the crowds. but we're currently watching the parade on tv, and belle made my day by saying, "Where's Eli???" that's my girl! haha

ok i'll stop my giant rant. i'm just super happy!
these are some random pics that have nothing to do with the giants. haha.
so belle needed help putting her pants on & i saw aris helping her.....
& a big sorry to leila.....
this is leila's toy stroller that belle borrowed. belle uses her dolls, stuffed animals on this stroller, but last week, she just sat on it & used it like a wheelchair. the back wheels just broke off within 2 days of her using it like that.
now we owe leila a new stroller!
how fun is belle's macbook?! :)
she actually started it. she was imitating me, took her doodle book opened it in half, and started "typing" on a blank page. it was so funny!
so a lightbulb went on in my head, with a joke of drawing a laptop in. i surprised her & her first reaction was, "(gasp) its just like yours!!" then she went off playing with it. so funny!
this was when she was mesmerized with a new teapot/cup set aris got her.
waiting for superbowl to start, we were working on a new puzzle. it's a huge one of USA.
it was actually fun! even i was learning a few things on geography..haha.
she was rewarded with a lollipop.

after the puzzle, we were still waiting for superbowl. she was watching a show, World's Deadliest: Predator Weapons. of course the great white was featured. and zoomed in on its teeth...
this pic is more saturated. i just faded it a bit for your sake.
when i saw it, i was holding the camera, clicked then turned away. i looked at belle for her reaction (of course thinking she would cover her eyes). but her eyes kept looking, jaw dropped, & she tells me, "wowww! look at that!" 
then ran in the room, brought out her shark (christmas gift from stef!) and joined in on the action.
i don't know what to say. haha!

& lastly, thought it'd be fun to play with self timer.
how sweet do we look?? very.