Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tasha & Ritchie

We went to a wedding...It was Lenee's bff & close friend to the rest of the fam, Tasha & Ritchie!
Just a few pics of the big day...
 "And  I  say  yes,  you  look  wonderful  tonight "
Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, beautiful everything!
It's always an honor to be part of someone's special day.
Congratulations again!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"new yawwwk city!"

I promised Belle a day in the city weeks ago & we finally went!
I think she got into NYC mode after watching a couple of movies that coincidentally took place in the city and she kept saying, "can we go there??? ooo i wanna go there! etc etc"
She would randomly scream, "We are goin to New Yawwwwwk Cityyy!"
We brought my grandma along...who's visiting us from Texas!

At the train, on the way.
 They have the funniest, goofiest relationship. They are like this all the time!

First stop was a Thai restaurant (of course!) uptown.
Can never ever get tired of Thai food. 

Belle fell asleep after eating so Aris had to carry her. Central Park Zoo was nearby so we walked there.
While walking, Aris got asked to be interviewed for Fox5 news! haha..while still carrying Belle too.
 He got asked about the Yankees. 
Afterwards Aris said, "You think I'll be on the news??"
Me: "I don't know? You were carrying Belle sleeping, it probably looks awkward on tv"
We didn't really think he'd be on. But a few hours later he got a call from his friend and asked, 
"Did I just see you on tv???"
We were all laughing!! haha too bad we didn't see!

We made it to the zoo....
 This close to a polar bear! He was hiding under us.
 The whole time we were there...I kept saying, "I can't believe this is in the city!?" Totally baffles me that there's a zoo in the middle of Central Park!
 We went into the Arctic bird house....It was cool cause you get realllyyy close to them. But it smelled like a fish market. Aris couldn't take it. Didn't take any pics of how close Belle got to the penguins cause the smell was really bothering him. He just took this instead....
 By a mural of penguins right next to the exit!
 Before we left Belle wanted an airbrushed tattoo on her arm.
 It was funny cause she had a bit of an audience.
There was more people watching standing next to me.
 The zoo wasn't big. We just quickly passed by, then headed off....
 We walked to Dylan's Candy Bar! I told Belle I'd take her to "the greatest candy shop ever" & we did.
 The stairs were even candy.
 Every time Belle turned around she'd scream, "That's amazing!!!"
 She chose this lollipop to buy. Lollipops are her fave.
 Cookies n cream popcorn?? Interesting.
 I chose jelly beans in our favorite flavors. 
 After Dylan's, we weren't ready to go home. We made our way allll the way downtown to Battery Park.
 The subway is too loud for this drama queen.
Walking to battery park, Belle saw mini garbage trucks. 
Anyone who's at my house knows she LOVES garbage trucks (I know, so weird!).  Every time the garbage truck passes she's at the window staring. And on the days it come early, she wakes up to it, stands on my nightstand & stares out the window. Then goes back to sleep! It's so odd, but so funny. She could even hear those things from blocks away. I know the truck is coming when I see Belle standing in front of the window waiting...cause 5-10 minutes later, the truck is here.
So when she saw those little garbage trucks parked by the park, she wanted to stand next to it for a picture, but when waiting for her pic to be taken, a man walked by, she got scared and ran. Haha!

Aris cracks up when he sees this picture. Cause the pigeon has only one foot.
We were eating our goodies. Jelly beans are so so good when it's only my favorite flavors! 
She put her lollipop away for a break, then asked for it minutes later.
This was cool! They were having a group work out in the middle of the park. It looked like kickboxing with an instructor and everything.
The new World Trade Center in the works.

Phewwww lots of pictures. We didn't know it was 8pm already. It was a long day.. we headed back home after realizing it was past 8:00. We need another day or 2 in the city before summer ends! It also just hit me that it's August already! This year is flyingggg.