Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hair musical

Has anyone else noticed Belle's hair has grown?! It's not a lot but it has grown! This is Belle at 5 months...with just a wee bit of hair.

And here is her hair nowadays!
The wind blowing effect!!
(This was when Belle came along to the tennis courts while my brother, sister, & Aris played. She was basically a ball girl since she ran after all the tennis balls & collected them)

Now she can have pigtails! We've been having a little too much fun with the hair.
What her hair looks like when the pigtails come off. And she learned to comb. All by herself!

And we have even more fun during her bath...
Hehehe I couldn't help myself!

True story!! I gave Belle a bath, and before I could get her dressed, she fell asleep in her towel!
I just put her down to nap. She looked too peaceful to disturb.

So I'm still in the middle of crossing things off my to do list. But I managed to sneak in a little something....A camera strap cover!
Kathleen emailed me this link giving instructions on how to make a camera strap cover.

I had to try. I was originally thinking of using leopard fabric...but then I realized Aris also uses the camera & I imagined him using the camera & know. A guy & leopard just doesn't fit. So the gray & white polka dots with pink on the other side did it! A good balance I think! Thanks Kathleen ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009


That's a good word to describe my house.  It's just crazy here.


Doesn't her outfit look like it's an old lady's outfit?!
What is going on here??!
Two of her many facial expressions...
Don't try this at home.  haha!
So this is where the whacky-ness comes from.
Our house has just gone upside down!  

Tons of stuff going on these days.  Lots of projects.  Hope it all goes well.  So I can blog about it later on.  Crossing fingers...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

US Open

My family & I were lucky to have the opportunity to watch the US Open this year.  We went on the opening night watching Venus Williams & Andy Roddick.  Venus's match was one of those thriller matches.  That was fun to watch live.  Andy Roddick had an easier match, putting his opponent away quickly.  

Belle stayed behind with her Aunties.  You can see from the look on her face how she feels about that. hehe. 
The not so terrible traffic on the way!

The sun setting.  Inside Arthur Ashe stadium.
The boys.  Aris wants to point out that he's eating candy in this picture. haha!
Picture of Sharapova on the big screen.
Venus being interviewed right before she came out
And here's Andy Roddick (in black).  Sorry but I already forgot his opponent's name!
I noticed that the NY crowd likes to route for the underdog.  That was unexpected.  

My brother & his friend were rowdy & screamed out loud.  They were the type of fans I would not wanna sit next to.  I'm sure the people around us felt the same.

And my mom told me how she met an old Filipino man that travels every year to NY from Philippines just to watch the US Open.  Crazy!  It's only then that I realized how lucky we are to have the tournament here in NY.  Our travel was within an hour.  And not a 22 hour plane ride!

Unfortunately we only went there once during its 2 weeks.  Overall, a trip much worth it.  Next year, we have to go several more times!!  

Saturday, September 5, 2009


It's September.  Next month is October.  Which means....Belle is almost 1!

I can't believe it.  She's a big girl.  She dances, claps (with sound!), high fives, plays peek a boo, eats my food instead of whatever Gerber has to offer, laughs at herself in the mirror, climbs everything, etc! She's full of tricks!  

Ok, I know it's normal for babies to be doing all of that at this age.  But to Aris & I, whenever Belle does something new, it's magic!  We get so excited.

Peek a boo!  Actually, it's renamed to "Where's Belle?!"  She responds mostly to that! haha

And after "Where's Belle?" she claps!
A lot of clapping.  Cause she's proud of herself.

Bottle on one hand, & the other pulling her leg straight.  I don't know why she does it.  I didn't teach her that!
Then fell asleep with her legs crossed.

It's so entertaining watching Belle feed herself.  How she tries to get the pieces all at once but only one makes it to her mouth.
I know if someone took a picture of me like would be the most unflattering picture.  But Belle doesn't mind.  Cause this is her in all her glory!

Silly billies

It's been..2 weeks since my cousins left.  I miss them.
The kids Ced & Ken kept us all entertained.  They are just so funny!

My favorites:

We had dinner at Chinatown in the city.  While we're walking to the restaurant Aris says, "Welcome to China town guys!" 
Then as we were leaving the restaurant, Ced asked Aris,
"Kuya Aris, are we gonna go back to New York now??"

Aris walks into the bathroom to do number 1.  A few seconds later, Ken barges the door open & goes inside then closes the door.  Then they both come out.  Aris says he didn't even go yet & so did Ken...
Aris:  Go ahead Ken, you go first!
Ken:  But I wanna go with you.  (Grabs Aris' hand and pulls him to the toilet)
Haha!  Ken wants them to go at the same time!
Aris is getting all shy.  So once again..
Aris: No no.  Boys don't do that.  Just go first!
Ken: But I want you to pee with me.
And finally after going back & forth, Aris finally convinces Ken to go first! hahaha!  

I'm giving Belle a bath.  Aris, Ced, & Ken are just watching.  Then Belle rolls over in her tub and farts with her butt in the water.  Laughter explodes.  A lot of laughter.  For a long long time.  Can you imagine 3 guys giggling??!  Belle just watched them laugh during the rest of her bath.

The story Ate Agnes told me about how Kuya Eric was pointing out the number 3.  But he pronounced it, "Tuhreee"
Ken: Huh?  It's THHHreeee Daddy.  The TRRRee is outside!

And I thought this picture is pretty hilarious.  How Belle is so bored listening & watching them play their Nintendo DS.  What a girly girl.