Sunday, January 23, 2011


whoooo hooo! to new make up brush rolls!
i noticed the brush rolls never gets old.
thanks :)

if you noticed, i changed it up a bit.
i'm always changing things, experimenting.
trying to figure out which way is better.
this time i don't have that border/bias tape.
& because of that i am able to use a softer; less stiff interfacing.
which makes it easier, smoother to roll.
it's also a little bit bigger.
which means wider slots for those who have fat brushes.

hope you like it. cause i do.
this may be my favorite bunch yet.
& they're uploaded in etsy. whoooo hoooo!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

a good week

eating her yogurt while making my oatmeal.

she was asleep on that chair for almost 2 hours.

the snow from the blizzard was finally melting, & we can see the cement in the backyard....then it snowed again.
but we didn't play this time cause belle was sick last week.
don't wanna risk her going out in the cold.

being experimental with "bwaids"

we were practicing/playing with numbers.
we have the fancy alphabet books cards.
but none with numbers. then i saw post its.
she likes post its.
i once caught her taking out each piece and sticking it to the wall.
fun sleep masks for my friend, laurie-ann to choose from.
she gave me ideas/inspiration for sleep masks & i came across fun animal ones.
i thought it was so cute & attempted to make my own version.
they're suppose to look like owls. but i'm not sure if they do!
& shoe bags going to etsy.

my grandma & belle in our fort.
been spending most of my time with these two ladies.
i love it.

great week. time well spent.
can't complain. thank you jesssusss!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

it's here!!!!

aris ordered photo books with all my favorite pictures/moments from 2010.
the software i used is MyPublisher.
they had a buy 1 get 1 free offer.
both books are the same copy.
i really wanted to get 2 ...1 for family, friends, & rest of the world to see & 1 perfect copy for me that shall be put in a safe (once i get one).

i wish i started doing this from the year belle was born.
last year, i bought a bunch of 4x6 photos from 2009.
& here they are. still there.
hasn't been put it any album.
i totally regret not doing this photo book thing sooner.

i'll get 2009 started one day.
but for now i'm enjoying 2010. here are a few of my favorite pages...

& remember this!?....
when belle's hair started to really grow. awww.

one thing i noticed though.....
we don't have enough family photos!! so weird.
i just realized that after completing the photobook. we need more photos of us as a family including my parents & aris' parents!
i felt guilty about not having a lot of photos with them.
gotta work on that this year.

but thank you mypublisher!
totally professional & clean looking.
much better than i expected.
very easy to use.
& way better than making a photo album myself.
oh & you can also add text.
i decided not to cause i was scared i would end up writing something cheesy & regret it later on.
it's nice to have all the photos tell its story.
i think my favorite part is the cover. really love that picture of belle with her bubbles.
a great picture to summarize 2010.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

weekend in pictures

last weekend was spent in nj.
on saturday night i was able to see a "diaper buddy" of mine.
wiam & i were babies when our parents were super close yearrrrsssss ago.
haven't seen her for about 10 years.
she is here on vacation from the philippines & is staying with relatives in jersey city.
which is super convenient for us since she's close to aris' place.
we had dinner at chinatown with bingle, aris' friend, & belle.
& belle REALLY enjoyed the food. the noodles, vegetable dumplings, & bubble tea.
we were lucky to have great weather for a winter night.
there was no wind so i was able to walk around with no problem.
belle cried cause she wanted me to carry her. she got tired of walking.
but of course i prefer aris to carry that heavy girl.
fun times! hope we have more days/nights like this!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new years & leila's bday!

leila & i are "eve babies"
my birthday is on christmas eve & hers is on new years eve.
she is 1 already! so we spent new years eve together.
& she is sooooo in love with me & my camera.
actually, she doesn't smile at me unless i have my camera.

& posed for me too. oh yeah!

i was imagining a happy smiley picture of us 3 girls. but of course that's impossible. none of them participated. i'll take what i can get!

opening Christmas presents.
& they know her so so well. another fancy princess dress!!

leila looks so much like her dad here.

sweet camille. mike's niece.
but i call her violet. cause she reminds me & bingle of violet from incredibles.

cheers! & happy new years to everybody!
2010 was a great year. cheers to a better 2011!