Sunday, August 23, 2009

Florida meets NY

My cousin, Ate Agnes visited last week with her husband, Kuya Eric, & two sons, Cedric & Kendrick.  We toured around some New York City landmarks.  They last visited 3 years ago in winter.  It was freezing then, and of course this time it was so hot!  But we had so much fun.  We laughed so much.  I miss them already. 

Ced & Ken are so behaved, so funny, & never once complained about being tired or hot.  Isn't that not normal?!  I didn't see them argue or fight with one another.  They shared everything & do everything together.  
And they loved Belle.  They pronounce her name, Bayle. They wake up & go straight to her playpen to watch & play with her.  "Hii Bayle!  Morning Bayle!"

And some of the places we visited:

Ced & Ken are fond of the movie, "Night in the Museum" so we brought them to American Museum of Natural History.

The Rockefeller area...

Statue of Liberty

And a long long journey through Central Park

The Central Park journey was the funniest.  We had lunch with Kuya Eric's relatives and afterwards they suggested going to Central Park.  I thought, 'Oh yay!  Near FAO Schwartz, that'd be perfect for Ced & Ken.'  

But no.  We all ended up in 105th street to visit the Conservatory Garden in Central which ended up being closed.  There were only buses on that side of Central Park & no subways.  So we just walked through Central Park for fun.  But we walked and walked and walked!  We finished at 81st street.  From 105th-81st street!  That was one long journey.  You can see how tired they were...

So much fun.  I felt like I went on a vacation myself. haha! Belle couldn't come with us on our outings.  It was around 90 degrees that week and Belle would have been growling at us!  

Can't wait for more visits from them.  Come back!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


I think my mom will start crying if she reads this.  And Aris will probably think, "What have I gotten myself into?!"  But this is my project this week:

To finally clean up my room.  Actually, mine, Belle, & Karen's room.  3 girls?  1 room??  That's just a formula for a mess.  

I know how to clean.  But I'd rather do projects & fun other stuff.  And it's hard to clean while I live in my parents' house with everybody's stuff everywhere.  Well now it's time since family from Florida is visiting (YAY!!).  And my parents are begging for a clean room.  Fine fine fine!

In the basement (where it's clean!):

She's really entertained by anything.  That's a wet wipe box.

Of course she wants some of my food.  Typical.

What??  A karate move?! haha

Maybe on my next post I will have pictures of a clean room.  Wish me luck!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Silly Baby

That's the kind of baby Belle is.
  • Stef & I decided to go on a long walk to get Rita's Italian Ice & Belle came along. On the way back Belle was getting hot & tired.  And she wouldn't sit on her stroller correctly.  Her seat laid back, and she sat on it the opposite way just leaning over.
I was surprised she was just quietly sitting in this position for awhile.  And then i looked over & realized why...

She fell asleep like this!!
  • She was in the hallway peeking into the rooms.  All of a sudden she heard a song that always plays on The Filipino Channel by Charice Pempengco.  
Belle loves that song.  Once she heard it, off she ran.

From the hallway to the tv as close as possible.
  • It's been hot.  So I let Belle play around in just her diaper.  Then she learned how to take it off.  I pass by her playpen & found her like this...
She must've been really hot.  And she was pretty proud too.
  • Oh and we were watching tv earlier.  And a rhinoceros appeared on the screen.  She laughed & started jumping.  I wonder what she was thinking...
Silly baby!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

San Fran wants to sew

Stef came to town from San Francisco this week.  And how did she want to spend her first day in Long Island??....Sewing!  She's been itching to make a wristlet.  So we purchased patterns & gave it a try.

This was her first time sewing.  She was going slow & being very very careful.

Finished product!  Stef was very proud.  She even joked, "I'm gonna be sleeping with this wristlet!"

Then I realized, she wasn't kidding!

This wristlet pattern was purchased from Ali Foster's etsy shop.

Next day, we planned on having a small picnic, but it was gloomy, drizzly, & windy.  Not a good picnic day.  So for our backup plan we decided to just eat in and sew some more!  

2nd project:  Make up bag for Kathleen.
We only had wristlet patterns but luckily, one of the patterns could be pulled off as a make up bag without the handle.  

Stef & I worked on this one.  And the lining is our favorite part!

This pattern was purchased from Sewspoiled etsy shop

Cheers to successful sewing!!  More to come :)