Monday, August 15, 2011

hot balloons!!!

2 weeks ago we woke up at 4am to attend a balloon festival and be there at 6:30 for the launching of the balloons!
it was somewhere in NJ and it was worth waking up at 4am!!
i've never been to one before, & it was pretty overwhelming.
professional sky divers.
don't they look like the toy soldiers from Toy Story?
this was the first balloon to go....
after the Hershey balloon went up, ALL the balloons were blowing up...& i didn't know there were this many balloons! i think it was about 125 balloons. quite a sight!
they are BIG!
doesn't this balloon look like aris!? it's so goofy like him.
we were all calling out balloons that was "us". mine was the strawberry, lenee the hershey....and when aris' balloon came up, we all said...."ARIS!"
& then....Belle & Leila's balloons!! (leila loves penguins)
spider pig! ha ha!
looks so funny in the sky!
belle's balloon. that woke her up. she was still so sleepy but the shark woke her up.

& after all the balloons left, the canon lady came out...

after the canon lady, belle played on the bouncrs, while the others went on a balloon.
we walked around the vendors/sponsors, had breakfast, walked around some more & got some free goodies!! we all left with bags of goods; lotions, sunblock, chips, drinks, snacks, etc!

that was realllyyy unexpectadly fun. (except for the part belle threw a huge crying session cause she didn't want a bite of her sandwich before her juice) other than that, it was good morning! we finished right before 11am.

must go back again next year!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


i joined stef's family last sunday on the Runyon 5k at Yankee Stadium!
it's a run/walk for cancer research.
stef with her parents & cousin before the run.
spectators can watch on the seats. belle was with aris watching & waiting for us.
it poured early that morning. & our team's run was scheduled for 11 am.
by the time we arrived it was nice and sunny. thank goodness!!
loved that it was in Yankee stadium.
i was hoping to see derek jeter. but he wasn't there. but we were still in Yankee stadium!!
i ran with stef & kathleen the whole time. can you find us?
stef's in in black & pink...kathleen in navy.
us on the jumbo tron! im the small person between the 2 huge dudes. haha!

after the run with our fancy medals!
it was seriously fun!! sweaty, hot, exhausting, but so fun!
it took us about 40 minutes to complete the 5k...about 3.2 miles.
thanks for the invite stef! we'll do another one again :)