Monday, July 23, 2012


While cleaning out my laptop, I found a couple of pics I forgot to post. It's random moments. But this is our summer at home...

 Belle goes CRAZY when she hears the ice cream truck. She runs around the house asking for a dollar or 2 for her Dora ice cream.

sometimes we go on walks.

Remember when it rained cats & dogs!? our streets got flooded for a few hours...
 this one kept looking out the door.
 it was garbage day. and the garbage made a mess!!

i think this butterfly had problems flying cause it was stuck there for a long time. it was really big! 

 we got experimental and painted polka dots on her nails.
She usually has bloody or bruised, or scraped knees by the end of our summers. But this picture was taken before July and her knees were already bloody and scratched!! And she still has scars from previous summers. tsk tsk.

 "Look mommy! I ride my scooter and push my shopping cart!" (while eating a lollipop. ayayaii!)

i walked in the room to find her dolls having a slumber party.

morning hair....
 loves being upside down.

Probably my funniest moment from her gymnastics class. She was suppose to tumble down the ramp but instead tumbled crooked, and fell off. 
 She looked at me & said, "OOPS!" haha!

 Summer isn't summer without sunglasses! Except the first picture isn't's 3D movie glasses. But Belle doesn't know that.

Back to cleaning out the laptop!! Have a good week.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beach day

We went to the beach first time this year!
Belle the beach bum was too anxious & over excited. At home & in the car, she was anxious to get to the beach...when we were there, she was anxious to get in the water.
 The waves knocked her over a couple times. This was the first.
And right in front of where we laid our stuff, a man was building this sand castle.....
The pictures doesn't do its justice. It was really nice. And when the man was getting ready to leave, he walked up to us & said we could have the castle to play with. Sweeeet!

Belle shared the castle with a nice girl she met.
My siblings & I were sitting, watching Aris take pictures of the castle. 
Then my brother suddenly got up. And I knew what he was about to do...
Haha. That boy has no shame.

On our way to the beach my brother asked to pass by the store to buy a frisbee. He and my sister were playing. But my brother was more dramatic catching the frisbee in the water. Haha!
 You really can't keep your eyes off her at the beach. Without warning she will run straight into the water.
I was either yelling, "Be careful!" "Watch out!" or "There's a wave!!!" etc etc. 
Constantly reminding her!

And when it was time to go, Belle was really bummed. She said it wasn't enough!
Binh said earlier this week, "I think Belle was once a fish in her previous life. She loves anything dealing with the water" I'm starting to believe her! Haha!
So anyway....with this crazy hot weather, we're bound to make plenty beach trips. I don't think I have a choice!