Wednesday, October 26, 2011

more pumpkins & a pony ride

after we picked up our pumpkin, we passed by a market nearby & drank some apple cider. t'was delicious! on our way home, we found another farm with more pumpkins & a huge sign for hayrides. we wanted to try the hayride so we stopped by. but when we saw the ridiculous long line we got turned off. but belle saw the pony rides & wanted to try. i was surprised she wasn't scared...she was pretty much in awe & quiet the whole time. in awe cause she was actually riding horse!! she did good. i think the pony ride was way cooler than a hayride :)
this day was like fall wonderland. yay!

(thanks nins for letting me steal your leopard scarf for the weekend!!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


fall isn't complete without a trip to see pumpkins. we wanted to pick some apples like last year, but they were all gone. pretty sure that hurricane irene had something to do with it. but it was still a good trip despite the absence of apples. belle went a little organized & neat with the pumpkins. had to stack them up a certain way...making sure they're all straight. she gets like that sometimes...with anything. she was also playing hide & seek with aris. it was funny watching them...belle's first hiding spot was a pumpkin. haha! bingle & i were non stop with our cameras & even put them on a pumpkin to get a group shot of us. i came home with a long narrow pumpkin. the long narrow pumpkins were "talking" to me. they're so cute!

i have a lot more pics. this day isn't complete!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

kids village

we went to kidz village for belle's birthday...

yep, that's lenee & i. had to follow the girls.
sometimes belle gets nervous with i went on this one with her. it was too fast. that scared her away & she moved on...

forgot what i bribed aris with to get a pic of him playing with a doll's hair. haha
after kids village, we had lunch at aris' parents.
then cake!
leila cried right after we sang Happy Birthday. it was so funny. she got scared with all the cheering and all the "YAYY!!"

after cake the 3 stooges watched Lion King on the dvd player.
belle is self proclaimed Rafiki, leila is Timon, caleb is Simba.

she got the lion king for her birthday. perfect!