Thursday, June 23, 2011

belated fathers day

i know fathers day was last sunday. & it is the end of the week already. but that's fine!

it was aris' day & he talked me into going to the city for his friend's kids' birthday party.
we took the train there & it was belle's first time on the LIRR.
she was scared at first. funny cause her reaction on the train was scared...but riding on a plane was nothing (to orlando). hehe
perfect father's day photo that was captured by aris' friend, peter.

t'was a good day.
i always get nervous being around people i don't know.
but it was fine.
belle had a blast with the other kiddos.
she was the youngest & knocked out when it was bedtime.
(bedtime for me is the worst part of the day cause belle hates to sleep. she wants to play & talk & play & talk & play & talk. she literally rambles and talks herself to sleep)

hope all the super dads out there had a great deserving fathers day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

i just have random pictures

my sister got confirmed last week. & binh was her sponsor.
the bishop behind her was funny. his homily got me listening & everybody laughing.
then we had dinner at cheesecake factory.
we had to wait for our table. belle kept us entertained until she got impatient.
we only go out to dinner when there's an occasion.
so every time we eat dinner outside we always enjoy it.


this or oatmeal are our favorite & only breakfasts. so so yummy.
sometimes i eat oatmeal for dinner. cause it's the only thing i can make that taste good.

we go through a lot of milk around here.
belle drinks regular & we both drink a lot of soy milk.
her favorite is chocolate soy.
but i get a lot of vanilla cause it goes with everything.


belle got a new car that she's been wanting/asking for...for a year now.
she couldn't wait to use it.
she wanted to help her dad so bad. & she did.
but having her help sometimes means it will take longer to finish it. ha!
she uses it in the house too.
if she's driving & you ask her where she's going, she'll always say, "target!"


afternoon at the track.
usually while we run, belle plays in that dirt.
she enjoys it. kids+dirt=happy.
we had the track to ourselves.
so we took a few pics.
we waited to cool down & for the wind to make our sweat go away then we took a picture.
we are gross when we run. haha!
she's always happy when she's outside.
she's an outdoors girl.


before we went to the track, belle had gymnastics class.

that's all the random i have for now.
have a good week everyone!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

maybe my favorite post ever

do you notice anything different about belle ???
do you see it yet???

everybody do a happy dance please!

she is officially...
& finally...
potty trained!!!!
do you know how long i've been waiting to say that?
i've been wanting to say that since........awhile!!

we started last the fall.
but i felt she wasn't ready.
tried again in winter. by this time she knew the toilet was for peeing.
every time i brought her there, she'd pee.
but then the problem was...she would never tell me she had to go.

she's been wearing pull ups since.
but last week, it's been hot and she's been wearing only a shirt & pull ups at home.
and i was running out of pull ups.
& i am so sick of buying those things.
so on friday, we started consistently potty training.
& success! phewwwww. thank the heavens!!

it's so much easier to potty train during the summer.
or when it's hot.
because she's only wearing panties.
there's no pants or extra layers of clothes in the way.
that's my tip for any first time potty training moms.
potty train when it's warm/hot.

she's always out with she's peed in other toilets...
at the movie theater, chipotle, cheescake factory, walgreens.
so so happy.
(happy dance!!)


Thursday, June 2, 2011


yup. belle goes to a gymnastics class on fridays.
she started last month & she LOVES it.
she looks forward to it every week.
& she will randomly practice her rolls.
she goes with kids her age.
she's the loud kid & wants to try everything.
she likes holding onto the bars at the gym.
then having the instructor flip her upside down.

she likes being upside down.
even if she's just watching tv.
she's dangerous.
sometimes i end up screaming/yelling/panicking because she's doing these moves at the edge of the couch.
& i don't have carpet.
it's great to see her play with other kids, learning, & enjoying herself.
it's so amusing for me to watch!