Friday, April 29, 2011


that's how belle pronounces "kuya" (means older brother in tagalog)
she calls her cousins, ced & ken "kuh-ya!!"
they live in florida and we were able to meet while we were in orlando.
last time we saw each other was the summer of '09 when they visited us...

they were so nice to belle then & nothing's changed.
i called them the 3 stooges.
i always caught belle next to either one of them or both.
they wrestled every morning.
belle has their energy. she loved it.

& they even let her do pretend make up on them :)

belle's next to me as i'm writing this post & she is yelling "kuhhh yaa!"
i need to make my cousin (their mom) make a skype account already.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Magic Kingdom

we are back from orlando & i have so much pictures that i'm overwhelmed!
i had so much that if i put them all on my blog it would take forever. so i put all the magic kingdom pictures on my facebook.
but i can't not blog about magic kingdom!
so here favorites...
(aris took most of these)

if you have a kid, it's really impossible not go to magic kingdom when you're in town.
we've been counting down the days for magic kingdom since christmas.
every time belle watches a disney movie, she freaks out when she sees the castle in the beginning.
so this was huuuuuge.
the crazy & unexpected thing was. so. hot!
when packing for orlando i was thinking spring & imagining the weather to be 70-80 degrees.
& when we got there, it was in the 90s!!!
& it was so crowded. cause its during spring break.
the heat & the crowds can really make you go crazy.
was only worried about belle. it seemed like her cheeks & arms were getting sunburn regardless of extra sunblock.
but we managed to complain less, forget about it, & enjoy.
& as the day goes on, the weather got cooler.

we all enjoyed the rides.
funny thing was we waited for the it's a small world ride. and right before we got on the boat, belle fell asleep! tried waking her up, but she wouldn't have it.
then she woke up & wanted to ride dumbo & the carousel.
she is a brave little soul always making dumbo go higher.
she went on winnie the pooh.
me, aris, karen, cousin althea, her mama, & my dad went on splash mountain.
& we waited about an hour. that is shocking!
cause i'm so impatient. but we kept each other entertained.
it was hilarious & i must scan the photo of us there. you will crack up!!
& we couldn't leave without trying the tea pot ride.
belle was confused with all the spinning. haha!
i couldn't tell if she was loving it or hating it. but after the ride she didn't wanna get off. so she loved it.
then finally the electric parade.
it's so amusing to me cause at belle's age....she really thinks those are the characters.
not employers dressed up in costumes.
she freaked when she saw tinkerbell. her reaction was hilarious.
she wanted to sit but when she recognized someone, she'd get up, scream & wave.

this was the most exhausting day. we stayed as long as we could.
we were sooo tired. we left at 11pm.
all the kids on strollers on the monorail were knocked out.
next time we go, we'll go on january or february.
no heat & crowds.
still don't know if this was the best day in orlando.
but it was a big big day.

belle is currently still in disney mode.
when i give her baths, i say, "hurry get ready!"
then she always responds, "going to disney? YEAH??"
me: "mm not today"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Orlando day 1

aris belle & i are currently on our first vaca!
my family drove down here during the weekend & we flew in monday night.
we spent our first day at animal kingdom!

i called them "peach & pear" that day.
lola emily & my grandma.
see the blonde behind belle?
she turned around then said to me, "IT'S LADY GAGA!!!"
had to tell her to shhhhh!

while posing for a picture, belle ran away!
we watched the Lion King show & it was soooo nice!
much better than i thought it could be.
we all really loved it.
it's a must go if you're in animal kingdom!
family pic! whooot! haha

four generations

this may be the greatest day of belle's little life.
& maybe aris too ;)
really don't know which was her favorite part.
she really enjoyed the lion king, the parade, safari ride, dinosaur ride, & seeing the characters she watches everyday on tv.
i reaaaallly enjoyed seeing her reaction to everything.
she is a brave little soul.
the only down side is that it's really hot!
i'm used to the 50 degree new york weather & it's already 90 degrees here in orlando!
because it's spring break, there's lots of people.
but other than that....everything is great!!
more family is coming throughout the week :)