Friday, November 19, 2010

bet you've never seen a shark rake before

Yeah me & my shark raked our ridiculous backyard yesterday.
This part was covered...I mean our grass has turned into a pool of leaves.

After we gathered a big pile I thought it'd be funny to throw Belle in there for some pictures.
After this picture, she said.."HEP!! HEP!" (help)
Ok ok..back to raking....
Then she got distracted & rode her "motorbike" around.
Running the leaves over. Riiiiiiight.
We weren't even finished & we went inside & fell asleep. So tiring!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

will be added soon

more new things to add to Etsy! Whoooo!

First up...make up brush roll!
Only have one for now.
Cause I was experimenting making my own bias tape with the fabric & using it on the edges of the brush roll.
I think it's nicer, so I'll stick with it.
In the process of making more.

& Sleep masks! something new :)
A friend asked me to make her one.
But I made three...
I made 2 sizes. To see which I like better.
Has nothing to do with head sizes. It's just I prefer sleeping masks that covers the width of my face, instead of just my eyes.
The blue damask & multi dots are longer...which I prefer.
Some like it just covering their eyes.
I think I'll be making both sizes.
And I used the same fabric on the reverse side for all.
Black minkee fabric. My fave!! It's so soft. I love it!

These goods will go on etsy tonight :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

being bold

If you didn't know me, & judged me based on this blog & the stuff I make, I bet you're gonna guess that my wardrobe is so colorful. But that is so wrong. So opposite!
Binh, Stef, & I have been talking about how our wardrobe looks so boring.
Cause it only consists of the colors, gray, white & black. Seriously!
So we're trying to shop for "bold" colorful clothes now.
And I didn't realize how hard it would be till I went shopping.

So when I ordered a japanese pattern book for clothes in my size
(cause I was jealous of Belle's pattern book)
I decided the first thing I sew be "bold"
I bought this pretty indonesian batik fabric.
I stood there at the fabric store contemplating for awhile whether to get it or not.
Cause it's not what I would normally buy for myself.
But that's the point right? Picking out things I normally wouldn't.
I bought it. And after finishing this tunic dress, then I really liiiiiked it!

The pattern was fairly simple.
Especially since the book is all in Japanese. Thank goodness for pictures!
I like simple silhouettes like this A-line tunic dress.
It's loose so I didn't need any buttons & zippers (YES!)
And this is a good silhouette to pair with a crazy print.

The only thing I changed were the sleeves. It's suppose to open up higher & tied with a bow.
But I don't like bows on me.
So i just sewed over that part & left a little opening instead.

While I was trying to take pics...Belle was of course, trying to be a part of it. Here are a few pics with her.
What a goofball. She's wearing Aris' sunglasses there.

Stef & should be proud! haha :)
btw, the book is called, "Adult couture stylish dress"

Monday, November 8, 2010

New camera straps

Can't believe Christmas is less than 50 days away!
Since holidays are coming, many have asked me to get sewing.
So I will try to update my etsy weekly for those interested during the holiday season.

I've changed a few things, have new ideas, bought beauuuutiful fabrics & I'm excited to get going. I'll be sure to share.
First, I added these three camera straps...

I added fleece to these now. So it's more comfty & snug.
Tempted to keep the last one. But I won't cause I uploaded it to my etsy already :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

another aquarium

Here's another trip to another aquarium.
It's in NJ, called Adventure Aquarium.
This place was a lot bigger than the last one we went to.
We spent 2 hours in the last aquarium and saw everything.
But here, we got there at noon. Then left when they were closing. At 5pm.
And Lenee, Mike & Leila were able to meet us too :)

I was surprised to see hippos! Belle calls it Peppo.

The shark realm!
Belle was staring at a sleeping shark.
When I was talking to her, she told me to SHHH.
Cause of the sleeping shark.

teeth of the great white shark.

Lunch time!
Aris told me to write....How many fish do you see here?

Aris & Mike were having the time of their lives here taking pics of fish & coral.
They were taking their sweet time.
Me & Lenee had to force them out of there.

Went back to see the hippos & sharks cause Lenee & Mike didn't go yet.
We got excited when this hippo came out of the water.
We sat there staring till it went back in.
Leila wanted her picture with the hippo behind her.
Her way of relaxing: staring at the precious sharks.

Done with the aquarium now time for the gift shop.

Aris took most of the pics.
A great & kid friendly aquarium! Though it was really tiring.
Belle knocked out before we even left the parking lot. Success!
Are you guys tired of seeing sharks yet? Ha!