Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Girl

Belle is turning into a big girl. I mean, she is a big girl.
Everyone notices. People that see her everyday, & people that doesn't see her often.
Everyone says the same thing...."OMG She's getting big"
(I was taking pictures of items to put on the shop, & Belle suddenly gets in front of the wall & stares at the camera. UMM BELLE..You are NOT for sale!)

She does so much things. She has fun new tricks up her sleeves, it's hard to keep up.
Here's the latest...

-Thanks to a Baby Einstein DVD Aris bought, she can do a little sign language. She can say baby, ball, milk in sign language.
-She loooves music. & she dances!
-Belle knows how to use a bag. If she sees a bag with a handle, she'll put it on her arms & wave bye...
Of course using one of the reversible bags ;)

-Every animal she sees...she thinks is called a dog. And she pronounces it "DA!"
-She pronounces ball.."BO" Everything circular & round according to Belle is a "BO."

-She climbs ANYTHING. Tables, sofas, chairs, attempting the counter. This is the dangerous one. She knows how to climb up to the stove too. BAD! But I swear, it's rare. She climbs up the sofas the most.
-She can be a picky eater sometimes. Most of the time she spits out the meat. She likes soup mostly, fish, fruits, veggies :)
-Skip the sippy cups, she prefers an actual cup! She can drink from a cup/glass. BUT she doesn't know when to stop & all the water goes to her shirt...

Even if her clothes are wet, she enjoys it!

-She's an actress. She laughs & the next minute, puts her sad puppy eyes on & starts to cry.
-She has this fake laugh....that is so funny to hear. NO one can try to sound like it.
-Belle likes playing hide & seek. She likes it better when she hides.

-She is a people person. She likes being around kids. She will go up to any child & start her own jibber jabber conversation.
-She often tiptoes. Have no idea why. But Aris said..( & I'm pretty sure he's right) it's cause she pretends she's wearing heels.
-Belle sleeps early now! Around all normal kids do. She now sleeps early cause she naps only once during the day. Before she would nap twice, then sleep around 11-12ish! I prefer this new routine much much better.

Watching on my laptop right after a bath

Crazy! How big she is. I underestimate her sometimes.
It can be hard...since she's always on the move, touching everything, & of course the climbing. It's hard to keep your eye off her.
BUT she is so fun, she makes everyone laugh.

Times like these is exactly why I started the blog!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

to Binh Duong!!
One of my best friends, Belle's godmother & "yaya", my cook, everybody's venter, supporter, reliever, blog reader, Kariselle critic, etc etc etc!
Binh does it all!!

My cousin, IJ & her son, Gavin came over & spent the weekend in Long Island to celebrate & hang out for Binh's birthday. Belle was excited when she saw Gavin...
"Gav, Where have you been??"
We had great great food prepared! Spring rolls, lasagna...
Binh had 2 cakes!
This one was my fave....chocolate with caramel & pecans. MMM
FYI, Binh cooked & baked everything. Why?
Cause my cousin & I are terrible cooks! We're not made for the kitchen, it's in our blood...Seriously!
Meanwhile, Binh is GREAT in the kitchen.

Gav & Belle playing & hugging..
Belle is soooo fond of Gavin. She won't stop following him, won't give him any space, she always plays with whatever he's playing with. Poor Gavin though, he couldn't understand that Belle is still a baby & can't leave him alone when he wants to be! haha!
But they're so cute when the play & hug each other!

Gavin took this shot of his mama...The Diva of the family! hehehe.

Then the two were coloring in silence..
Binh helping out Gavin coloring a house.
And Belle telling me to let her color in peace.

Aris & I prepared this for Binh's birthday...
This stuff is good. Really good.
So good that I forgot I was drinking straight vodka which resulted know.....bumping into walls, laughing at nothing, talking nonsense, etc etc..
If you do try this, seriously, don't forget...It's still vodka!! Don't be like me!

Next day, Binh went to a party to celebrate Chinese New Year.
Then came over right after just to have a drink. She loves it!
Yes, Belle is holding an eggplant.
My mom did groceries & Belle took it from one of the bags.
She was "pouring eggplant in the glass." Silly girl!

Yesterday...the 22nd was Binh's actual birthday.
When she came home from school, we surprised her with cake & candles right when she walked in.

Funny story...
I told my sister to light up the candles cause Binh was coming any time soon.
She lit up all of them...& lots of minutes passed by & they were starting to melt...A lot!!
Then we blew them & decided to wait a bit.
RIGHT AFTER we blew them, I saw Binh walking up the driveway...
"OMG OMG she's here!!"
My sister & I relit all of them as fast as we could.
While Binh kept knocking, knocking, & waiting for us to open the door.

And finally...
we sang Happy Birthday!!
Binh laughed when she walked in. So funny.

More blessings to you Binh! Thanks so much for all you do for my family & I!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Belle & her bears

Thank you guys! For helping me out with the shop.
For my "personal marketing team."
Stef, Binh, Kathleen, Bingle, etc etc! Love you guys!

So here's a fact:
Belle has 2 bears in her life whom loves.

Here she is playing with them last week...

First, Mr. Bear.
They make such cute hat models.
And then the wrestling!
Sharing her huge balls!

And here is Belle's second bear.....Leila bear!!
She has gotten so big since I last saw her!
And she was awake for a loong time...
But then again, cousin Belle was also being loud.
Mama Lenee burping Leila (& keeping her head up).
Belle wanted to hold Leila...but she's too rough for Leila.
She wanted to touch her head, & pat it, & sometimes high fives her head.
Sorry Leila!
& Grandma was happy to see Belle :)
Look at this overgrown child playing in that baby gym.
Hehehe Leila stares at whoever is holding her.
Soo cute!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Ok, I know I said I would post the shop on Valentines Day.
But this weekend was busy & I was gathering all the pictures together.
I didn't realize it would take so much time.
But it's ok that I'm a day late. I FINALLY posted everything on the shop.
Click HERE.
Or click on the cute Etsy mini icons on the right -------->

I'll be updating it weekly with goodies.
So spread the word & shout for joy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Thanks so much for the feedback on the previous post!
Your comments had me blushing :)

Anywhoo, here's what Belle has been up to...
Just being plain silly!
Someone gave her a bear the same size as her, & she pretends it's a baby.
She gives him hugs, & takes care of him. Feeds him..takes him for rides on her car..
She has a difficult time carrying him around cause he's so huge.
So we just put him on her used as Bear's stroller.
Where are they going?? Shopping??

Just in case you were wondering how Belle looks in sunglasses...
She looks like a bug!

& Belle found another way to use the shoe bags.
It's not JUST for your can be a hat!!
I call her "peasant girl" when she wears the shoe bags. Cause she reminds me of a peasant girl from plays.

THIS is what she does nowadays that has everyone cracking up.
She knows someone's inside & she wants to come in. She can't turn the doorknob.
Instead, she lays on the floor and talks (or yell) to us through the little space to get us to open the door.

SO silly. That's the best word to describe Belle. SILLY!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sneak peek

I had my weekend all planned: Belle, Binh, & I go to NJ. Have a girls day with the family, watch a movie, go to Carlo's Bakery, & visit Leila bear.
But because of the snow, we must postpone for next week instead.
I was sad that the plan didn't push through.
I think it's a sign that I just stay home & create some more.
Which is totally fine.
& guess what!! I decided to open the etsy shop on
Valentines Day!! whoo hoo!

Here's a little sneak peek...
My new favorite bag! I got the pattern from Burdastyle, made 1 for myself, & now I'm obsessed! Can't stop making it.
They look tiny in the picture, but it's huge. It's for a big bag lover.
And the best part...It's reversible. whaaattt???!!

Fun boxy pouches.The brush rolls you demanded.& Bingle's genius idea....shoe bags! No more plastic bags.
Use these to travel with your shoes instead!

Also, can't forget my little artist "drawing" in her favorite pjs...
So so precious!