Monday, September 29, 2014


Belle got home from school and Aris said, "Let's go to the marina"
"OK!!" And good thing we brought the camera.
My sister and cousin were looking for baby crabs.  
Belle was too busy with her Rita's.

 Ahhhh! Dead crab!
My cousin could bounce his rock up to 4 times in the water.
And my sister......could not.  She wasted a lot of rocks trying haha
 "Look! It's like a mouth"
First swing he went on!
 Feels like I'm in "The Notebook" or something! haha
Had to stop exploring cause it was getting dark.  Belle's an Dora. I mean, like her dad. hahah!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Leftover summer pics

This post will be totally random.  It's just a bunch of pics I found from the summer.

First time we attempted a garden.  Binh & I spent an afternoon digging out a "square" in the backyard to try and plant something edible!  My goal was at least ONE plant to be successful. hah!
salad! YAY! 

On the way home from our Hershey trip, we stopped by Aris' version of Disney World....aka Cabelas.
He's usually behind the camera, but he was so excited he made me take photos.
 I regret not buying these mugs. Boo!
We were there for 2 hours & didn't buy anything.  Aris was just really happy to be there. haha

"Smile, Hunter!"
Bow and arrow....her current favorite toy.

First time Belle went to summer camp for 2 weeks.  She loved it!  Kudos to her counselors!!

Laughing cause it looks like Hunter has long legs!  
Always first one in & last one out....even at night.  Thanks Klarissa for always inviting us to our favorite summer hot spot :)

Belle loves BJs carts cause she can sit on it with Hunter.  

I think these 2 were together most of the summer!  It was like another summer camp.

Spontaneous Rita's trip with the "drama queens" :)

Oh and Hunter couldn't sleep without the fan or AC on.

Cute play dates!  

And last weekend of summer was at our favorite pool (of course).
Quinn & Hunter on their "lily pads"! SO cute!!
Girl time!

Fall is here....but looking at these pics, I'm kind of in denial.  But then again I'm looking forward for the pumpkin patch. BRING IT!