Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Animal farm

We've been wanting to bring Belle to an animal farm or a petting zoo since she's fond of animals. We finally went. I've been to a zoo...but I've never had a chance to get this close to these animals without a glass wall between us, & even feed them!
It was pretty funny when I first offered food to an alpaca, it quickly chomped, caught me by surprise, then dropped the food all over the floor.
This guy was the first to greet us when we came in...

Of course Belle wasn't shy!
You could touch them/pet them...she loved that. But we had to pull her back a couple of times.
She's a braver soul than me.

We stayed with the alpacas for awhile, until one sneezed...or spit?! on Aris & Belle. Aris kind of freaked out...but Belle didn't mind.
smile with the goats!

I was surprised to see a zebra there.
Poor guy was sad. He shouldn't be there. He should be out & free!

Quick hi to the camels before they spit.

We didn't stay long. We circled only once, then Belle played on the playground. It was getting a little chilly so we left. We just grabbed a quick sunny opportunity & so glad we did. I'm looking forward to adding the zoo to our list soon.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Play time

Belle had a bad cough last weekend. She was pretty bummed being stuck indoors the whole time. Thank goodness that cough is gone now. Cause that means she's out & about!
Out to the playground we go...
The high school track. I used to run that thing. Now I don't even run at all.

Last time we went to the playground was last summer...
Belle was only 8 months old. (I didn't realize she had so little hair!)
It was her first time there & she had fun.

She's 18 months now...and she had even more fun.
The slide is her favorite. She was going up & down for awhile.
She's so independent too. Always wants to be on her own.

Time for the swing! Belle liked it then too.
& I can't stop laughing at the picture! Ha! (I just realized now how quick these younglings grow after seeing these pictures)
And now...
This is mine & Aris' favorite picture from that day...cause she has a roller coaster face going on!

And back to the slide we go.
She literally sprints to the slide! She has little speedy legs & feet.

The worst part of her day, going home!
I like taking Belle to the playground. When I look at the pictures...her face expression says, "I'm freeeee!!"

But there was another day I took her there & got pretty annoyed.
When Belle & I got to the playground, there was a group of moms sitting there on their beach chairs just talking, laughing, & each smoking a cigarette, while their kids play. REALLY?!
And when they were done smoking, they just throw the cigarette on the playground floor! REALLY?! I don't know if it's just me...but that is a.n.n.o.y.i.n.g.
We didn't stay long in the playground that day

As long as that group of moms are not there, we'll keep coming back.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Few happy things

Belle's rain boots
Begging to come outside.
MMM..the only thing I can cook WELL!
Shoe bags for Ate Det. I can tell she travels with plenty of shoes!
Love the choice of fabrics, so happy & summer-y.

Aris was napping, & Belle wanted to cuddle with her dad & a few of her balls!
Balls, balloons, or anything round is her obsession!

True story:
My sister, Belle, & I went to the store. We were by the aisles with all the toys.
Belle was wandering around checking out all the stuff.
There's dolls, stuffed animals, puzzles, legos, etc etc!
And guess what she comes up to me with?
A football, soccer ball, & basketball (you can see in the pic)!!!
I put them back to make sure that she really wants it.
Then she goes back & gets it again! And that's what she went home with.

& finally, meet my new bff...
Isn't she a beauty???

My first machine (Brother) died..totally overused. So I've been using my mom's super old Baby Lock machine. It was doing its job, until it was taking me forever to sew a shoe bag. If I go fast, the needle breaks, & the threads would break, then I'd have to rethread, etc etc. A hot mess!

Aris took me to a sewing machine dealer, & got me the Janome DC2010 (Thank you! Thank you!)
I LOVE IT! It sews so smoothly!
Belle's been sneaking up to it too..trying to play..pretending she knows what it's doing.

Sorry for my absence from blogging. I'm still working on stuff for the spring craft market on May. It's right around the corner. So exciting! But I have tons to do.
Pray for me...I need it!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's April Fool's Day!

April already?? Days..weeks are going by so fast. I haven't even uploaded all my pictures from March!

My brother turned 18.
Binh, Karen, Kim, & King. All their birthdays are around the same time. So we had dinner to celebrate.
Belle the drummer girl. She's pretending chopsticks are drum sticks.

On the nicest day of March...Binh, Belle, & I hung out with cousins.
Belle & cousin Gavin...iPhone addicts!
So hard to get them to stay still for a picture!
Gavin was my babysitter that day. Sooo sweet.
I call him Belle's..or....BILL's (how he pronounces) bodyguard!
Belle was so tired, she slept the whole car ride. From Queens to Long Island.
I love quality time with family :)

Hope everyone is having a blessed Holy week!
Happy (early) Easter!!