Monday, February 28, 2011

two crafts & more

last week belle did 2 crafts.
got both ideas from here.
first one she did with karen.
i drew out a tree for them with marker then they used watercolor to fill in the white space.

belle took awhile to finish hers cause she was obsessed with painting on particular parts of the picture.
you can tell here...cause parts of the tree started to bleed through the paint. haha
karen had to help her finish.

the second craft...
i found a circle punch on sale at michael's.
used it to punch out circles from construction paper, used as gum balls for a "gum ball machine"
this was good cause she's able to practice memorizing colors.
she wouldn't let go of the glue stick. using it was her favorite part.
multi-tasking... gluing, eating a banana & something on the tv caught her attention.
finally done!
she took days to finish this cause there's lots circles. love it!

& totally off topic...............
wiam, long lost friend & diaper buddy of mine came to visit last week before she heads home for the philippines soon.
it was her first time seeing my parents in over 10 years!
my dad was excited. haha..
she came with aris, his friend, & sister, bingle.
& of course binh came over.
all of us went on a field trip to target & was starving after.
we ordered pizza & binh got cookin' on some pad thai with my grandma & bing.
after dinner we had hot (MINT!) chocolate. mmmmm!!
the evidence is on belle's face.
the girls altogether.
wish we could do this more please!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

craft day

we had craft day on friday.
we as in belle, karen, & binh. we had fuuuuun!
belle gets so bored easily & i hate when she depends on tv for entertainment.
she likes to draw, color, & she recently saw pics of other kids painting & she realllyyy wanted to try.
& knowing me..."of course you can paint!"
painting was my favorite class in high school. stef & binh were in the same class & it was the best.

for this craft, we used watercolor.
i first drew an octopus for belle to paint.
then everyone else wanted to do a sea animal.
karen did the whale.
binh started out with a shark, then it ended up looking like a dolphin & also a seashell.
i did a seahorse.
& belle also painted a stingray & little fish for bonus.
the only time we helped belle was to get the colors she wanted on her brush.
everyone so focused.

then when our sea friends dried, we cut them out.
& also cut out a giant fish bowl. then we glued them altogether!
belle's octopus!
it's so cute!! it's proudly hanging in the living room.
i remember karen saying, "that's not fair! how come all of belle's looks better than mine?!"
& i also love my fat seahorse.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

first haircut!!!

finally!! belle's hair has gotten long, & if it's not tied up it's ALWAYS on her face.
when i look at her while she sleeps, i can't tell which is the front of her head. her face was buried in hair.
then finally, after her doctor's appointment this morning, we went straight to the kids haircut place. it's called, zippity doo's.
it's so cute!
& i was really scared she wouldn't stay still.
but each kid sits in their car & has their own tv to watch DVDs or their favorite shows. that is GENIUS!
she sat on the first car she saw.


when we got home, she snacked on yogurt.
i don't have to tie her hair anymore. whooo!!
i don't know if all kids haircut places do this (this was my first one)
but they even gave her a certificate of first haircut.
with her baby hair in a little bag.

its a big deal for me. i'm so thrilled!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2 is crazy

HI ALL! sorry i've disappeared from blogland. i've been busy.
thinking, planning, sewing, thinking. that's what i've been doing. & i haven't been able to take pics of everything these days, except when i have to upload stuff to etsy.

i'll blog about belle today :)

2 is a crazy age. really crazy.
we have a lot of funny silly moments, & there are those moments when she's sooo curious & wants to touch & be a part of every. single. thing.
she's loud & quite the character.
she dances & sings A LOT.
she does these dance moves that i am incapable of doing myself.
& her dancing idol is angelina ballerina.
while her singing idol is charice.
one time i even asked her...
me: are you a dancer or singer?
belle: dancer
me: do you want to be like angelina or charice?
belle: charice.
& when i asked the question again, she said it vice versa! haha

she's so girly. she gets that from me. but she's more girlier. she loves princesses, jewelry, tutus, pink & shoes.
but then she has a lot of aris in her. like how she requests to watch animal planet & nat geo.
when she sees me on youtube, she'll ask...
"mommy, watch peppo?? shark?? ocpus?"
(mommy, can i watch, hippo? shark? octopus?)

& sometimes i underestimate her knowledge. she surprises me sometimes. like the time i was showing her pics of shamu, the killer whale.
me: look! this is shamu!
belle: mommy, that's orca!
me: uhh..yeah you're right.

& she says some really funny stuff.
like when we were watching a story about a mermaid who didn't know she was a mermaid cause her legs looked human. she got sad & said..."oh noo... her legs bwoken"

or when i was half asleep early morning, she woke up & said/sang,
"oooo sing fo joy to God, ow stwength"
(oh, sing for joy, to God our strength)

or the time we were arguing cause she said a female lion was a cheetah...because all lions are suppose to have a mane.
i bet she still believes that it is a cheetah.

& one morning...
me: what do you wanna eat?
belle: chocowate cakes
me: you can't have chocolate cake for breakfast & we don't have any.
then she opened a cabinet, pointed to a jar of nutella. then she grabbed bread slices.
belle: seee!! chocowate cakes!!!
& i'm still having a hard time convincing her that it's called a nutella sandwich & not chocolate cake!

i should start jotting down the things she says. these are just the ones i remember. she is soo silly.

& since i'm lacking in photos, i looked through my photobooth pictures & saw these. some old, some new...

time really does fly.
of course there are days when i want to put her to bed early because i get so tired or for the few times she's thrown tantrums. and sometimes i'm convinced that she's cutest when she's asleep cause she looks so peaceful.
then when she wakes up, it's time for crazyness!

& then there are her sweeet moments.
i remember i was busy cutting/preparing fabric.
she asked my brother to get her a glass of water. & when he gave it to her, she came to me & said, "mommy! for you!"
& of course moments like this is when i become a big soft marshmallow & realize i have to stop myself to "cherish the moments"
so corny. but so true!

(by the way, i realized i should just read this post for the future, when i feel tired & putting her to bed early. haha)