Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This past week

Here's the latest on Belle...
You can see here how Belle is a total big girl now. She is growing up crazy fast!
She just woke up in the morning. Lovely morning hair.

Belle has a thing for cleaning. First the swiffer. Then she is always going after the broom..& looks for the dustpan. Of course she can't touch the dustpan cause it's ridiculously dirty. So I got her a gift....
Her very own little dustpan!!
She is my mom's shadow. She always follows her & watches her cook.
My mom throwing out the dirt...
Then she copied.
Next morning, she grabbed her trusty dust pan & " cleaned."

The night before, Binh baked cupcakes, and Belle wouldn't stop eating it. (Who could blame her?!)
But that morning, I prepared her breakfast, sat her on the highchair, & then she saw it.......
The cupcakes sitting on the table!!!
She wouldn't eat any of my prepared breakfast until she had a cupcake first!
"Must eat every single sprinkle"
What a great way to start your day right!??

Sometimes I hesitate to put Belle's hair in a ponytail cause she will most likely take it off, which will result to her hair in a big mess...
She had pigtails on!! Then she took it off!
Looks like a cartoon that just got electrocuted.

Where's Belle!!??
HAHA! Don't worry, don't call the cops on me. I swear I didn't put ALL my weight on her.
She likes when I lay on her I'm the baby.
But doesn't it remind you of a scene in Wizard of Oz??
See?? She wasn't hurt!

Last night, Binh came over, made sweet potato casserole & red velvet cupcakes.
Look at Belle trying to reach for a cupcake while Binh adds the cream cheese frosting. MMM!
Thanks Binh :)

And I adore this last picture....
Belle attempting to draw. She was laying on her tummy & just scibbling lines.
Seriously, my heart will melt if she ends up being an artist :D

She's growing up so so fast. So independent, she points to what she wants, sleeps around 11-12 midnight. Like she's a teenager! And she is quite the entertainer.
I wonder what she'll be up to next??

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dad's birthday

Sunday was my dad's birthday & it was his perfect day.
I said on my previous post that he'd spend it at my sister's tennis tournament. But he didn't do that. Cause he was too nervous to watch. So my mom was the only one who watched. While he spent most of his day on Facebook!
My sister ended up winning. That was her present! haha
He was so proud. And wanted to eat at Red Lobster.
While we were there, he couldn't stop watching the Jets vs. Chargers game. He got nervous again. And they won too!

He was real happy...
While at Red Lobster..
Belle didn't want to sit next to Aris & I. She wanted to sit by my dad!
Karen's trophy, Belle, my dad & mom.
And Binh brought over a cake! Deeelicious!
It originally said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOPPY"
And we found red frosting in our cabinet..then Binh changed the PP's to BB's! ha ha..
Belle butted in. Cause she turned 15 months that day too.
AHH! My fabric scissors!!
Don't worry, my mom handed him a knife before he could "cut."

This is funny...
I was getting ready for bed & when I walked in my room, I found Aris & Belle asleep like this!
I had to quickly (& quietly) take a picture without waking them!
Cracks me up!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday

to my dad!! He turns 51. And Belle also turns 15 months today!

Last year, when my dad turned 50, he threw himself a big party at our small house & invited all his friends. Which means...Our house was packed! Cause you know, everyone who knows my dad knows he has tons of friends. It was fun. But this year, it will be just us this time!
Actually, he's spending most of the day at my sister's tennis tournament. Hopefully she wins, cause that will totally complete his birthday. Happy Birthday DAD!

Lately, I've been playing a balancing act between Belle & sewing. It's crazy. I'm thankful for the help I brother holding her while she naps, my sister keeping her out of trouble, & Binh for cleaning up after her. I just realized Belle has 3 babysitters. haha!

And finally, here are the remaining pictures from when we were still in NJ last week!
Aris wanted to treat Belle to a kids indoor playground place called,Kidz Village.
Belle had a blast!! She was busy busy busy...
This "slide" was her favorite.
They had a pretend ballet studio. She just stared at herself in the mirror...
& then turned off the ballet video. Oops!
Stop sign?? Is she trying to tell me something?!
& we end the day with the slide!
Seriously a great place to bring kids to wear them out. She had fun! We must go back.

Next day, we hung out at Mike & Lenee's with great company.
Nikolai was there too. He loves wrestling with Aris...
These 2 are always on the move. Just getting them to sit took a lot of effort.
Aris' mom with her babies!
LEILA BEAR! She sleeps a lot.
We look like their sisters. Not their moms. HE HE HE!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


...for your sweet responses from the previous post.
Thanks for ALL the fun ideas, & words of encouragement.
I feel more motivated & excited!
And nervous too. Knowing I'm making something that someone will pay for?!! aaahhh!
My first project is for Nicole :) I'll get started soon. Whoo hooo!

I'm currently in NJ right now. Catching up with family in this new year.
AND...Belle & I finally met LEILA!
She's soo cute. Sooo tiny. When I see her wear Belle's newborn clothes, I get shocked.
WHAT?! Belle was that tiny!? Crazy!!
Like all newborns, she just sleeps the majority of the day. I have to get a picture of her awake soon!!
She's one big eater. And rarely cries. When she does cry, it doesn't even sound like it.
When Belle was watching her in her crib, Belle put her feet up & almost climbed in. Scarryyy!
I also love when Belle smiles at her & pokes her face. They'll be partner in crimes one day. UH OH.
Late in the afternoon, both Belle & Leila took a long nap.
Nap time is break time for Lenee & I!...which we spent our time watching soap operas.

So who needs those kiddish couches when you have this....
a BATHTUB! to relax, kick back, & watch TV.
After we gave her a bath, Aris brought the tub in the room to put away. But Belle climbed in, and stayed there to watch Baby Einstein.
Put her leg up..cause she's a diva.
She was in there for awhile. I enjoyed watching her in there. Hehehe

After Baby Einstein, the 2 had a tickling fest on the bed.
Tickle spot: Her neck.

We'll probably be here until the end of the week...having some Leila time.

PS: Thanks again my Kariselle-ers! You guys are the BEST.