Sunday, July 27, 2014

In summerrrrr!

Beach again!
water isn't blue or clear & there was a lot of seaweed. but she doesn't care!

First time the three of us went bowling....& they both kicked my butt.
She's a righty...but she bowls like an awkward lefty. haha
Even she, surprised herself!
We obvs had bumpers, and when she bowls it goes at like 1 mph, but she was still able to get a strike & a few spares!.......unlike me.

The time Belle followed my siblings to the courts. She's no Serena Williams but it's kind of funny how she thinks she knows how to play. But the pics are convincing! haha

After a whole year of school & summer camp finished, Belle's at home all day now & everyday's mission is how to keep her busy. She can watch TV all day if she could, but who would want that. Thank goodness for her neighbor bff too, who has her over almost every day! And Belle
 made a list of things & places to go during the summer... (we can now check off bowling). August will be a busy month...if we're gonna attempt to finish off her summer list. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

big girls & babies

Big girls!! They asked if they could wear make up for dress up. I said yes only if they sat nicely for a picture.
First time trying to get pics of these four.
it's kinda hard...
Mikayla woke up and they were all over her.
Hunter wants in on the action haha!
Hunter grabs Mikayla's hands and tries to eat it every chance he gets.

Funny how both Belle & Leila got promoted to big sisters! Who knew they'd be good at it too?!  It's funny watching them interact with Mikayla & Hunter....they sound so funny with their extra high pitched voices talking to the babies.  So happy that they have each other growing up!