Monday, May 31, 2010

Last week

A few of my favorites of last week:
-Munching on some broccoli pot pie
-Having a Matthew Mcconaughey moment
-Binh baked cupcakes on her last day of finals. That's how she celebrates!
-Of course Belle & I approve
-Bubbles are the best entertainers
-YES, Belle is that talented to shoot the ball. NOT! Aris is hiding. haha
-Spontaneous, out of the blue 20 minute trip to the beach.
-Veggie burgers. Made by the sandwich/burger man, Aris.

Will have a good day because of this GREAAATTT weather we've been having.
Have fun today..& tomorrow! And the next day too.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bags bags bags!

After the craft market, my dad's coworkers have been bugging him for some reversible bags. I've been a busy bee trying to make a bunch for them! Here's a little bit of what I have so far.

I really really like this solid yellow fabric. It has this ruffle like texture going on, & it goes with everything.

Their only request is bright colors. I'm actually happy with the choice of fabrics. It's so happy & summer-y! I'm really into anything floral these days. So it's no surprise that a majority of the colorful bags has a flower going on. & I have so much scraps of fabric left! I'm planning on using them to make wristlets. What do you think?!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Random stuff & Belle

Belle is 19 months today! :)

I brought Belle to the doctor for her physical about a week ago. His assistant asked questions for her growth/development...& I tried not to laugh hard when I answered:

Can she run?
(HA! HA! Can she run?...she doesn't even walk anymore..she runs. No she doesn't run, she sprints!)
MHMM, yes.
Is she social with other children?
(HAA HAA! She hugs kids when she first meets them! I think she's ready for school already. Really!)
Does she scribble?
(Is this a serious question?! All our notebooks, newspapers, magazines, floors & now our walls are full of scribbles)
Yes, she definitely scribbles.

Oh geez, that was pretty funny to me!

Few days after the physical, Belle had to go get blood taken out. For some mandatory state nonsense. I think they needed 4 tubes.
OH BOY! I think this is the most dreading thing to look forward to.
We already tried a few months ago. Can you imagine?....
Belle screaming bloody murder while 3 phlebotomists hold her little arms down. NOT finding her vein, & poking her around about FIVE times and no single drop came out?
We left & nothing happened. UGHHH!

So we went again. At a different office this time. & I was really dreading it.
I brought Aris so he could hold her.
The phlebotomist tries to stay her put. No luck. Then she yells out the door, "Can I please get an arm holder?!"
A large, strong, woman comes in, holds Belle's arms down. Belle is hysterical once again.
The strong lady tries consoling her, "aww it's ok. It's ok..umm what's her name??"
Phlebotomist: "Goliath. Her name is Goliath!"
HAA! I think that was the only time I smiled. That visit ended up being a success.
Next thing I know, 4 tubes of blood were all done. THANK GOODNESS!

If you ever see us at church...don't ever sit near us. Belle is a distraction.
We always sit at the back room, where most of the kids are.
All the kids sit next to their parents. But of course, not Belle!
She wanders around, smiles at people, hugs random kids.
Then, all the other kids end up joining her and walk around & play.
& I'm so relieved when the other kids join her.
So it's not only my child being a distraction!

Me: I think Belle's ready for school. She's likes being around other social.
My dad: Yeah, & after 30 minutes, I think the teacher will surrender. The teacher will call you to pick her up cause Belle is too much!
Me: Ha, maybe!

& here are a few more bubbles pictures from my post on Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Mothers Day

We spent the weekend with Aris's family in New Jersey.

And this is Belle on Mother's day morning!
This pic is for Stef....because I believe that's where Belle gets her outrageous sleeping habits!
The nonstop moving, kicking, shoving, hogging of the bed, waking up in weird crazy positions...SO Belle & Stef!
signing her Mother's Day card for grandma.

Then we spent the rest of the day at cousin Leila's!
The weather that day was a big bummer...too cold & windy to go out with the girls.
We ended up staying in, ordering food, watching Baby Einstein, Nick Jr, & ate!!

A very obvious fact: Belle loves cousin Leila sooooo much....
Leila's looking! & they are both so naturally tan.
Already holding her own bottle!

Then Belle wanted to get in Leila's "hammock."
She also demanded a drink (like Leila) while she was in there. hahaha!
A blurry picture..but it cracks me up. Cause the dads are on duty!

Belle makes this face every time Leila cries.

And pictures of Lenee's homemade vegetable tempura. Yuummmm..
Mango cake from Red Ribbon. Again...yummmmm!!

Thanks for having us the whooollleee day Lenee & Mike!
Can't wait for next time.