Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Polka dots

Everyone knows I love polka dots. It's fun & playful. Ever since I've had Belle, I think I love polka dots even more. It's everywhere when we shop for babies!

At JCPenney, I found a red polka dot dress & wanted it for Belle. I was pretty bummed when I picked it up, noticed it was for a 6 month old and it was the only one left!
The other day I went to the fabric store, saw the same polka dot print, purchased a lot of it, & made a dress for Belle.
I call it a play dress.

I made the straps tie-able so when she grows out of the dress, it can be used as a top.
I was going for a flower-like detail. If I could change it, I would place the "flower" higher...but this is okay too.

At this point, she was trying to watch tv & I was in her way.

I have a lot more fabric left over. Don't be surprised if you see more red polka dot clothes. I'm already tempted to make another dress!

I was trying to have Belle stand still so I can take a quick picture, but this time, she was walking & taking the most steps I've seen her do. I was applauding & taking pictures at the same time. I like to believe that it was the dress that got her walking!

Yep, it was the dress that made her more confident to walk.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm enjoying these pictures. Belle's happy, tons of toys, & lots of colors! I'm loving the colors.

Belle rarely rides this car. Because she'd rather hide her little toys in the compartments.
She does this for awhile..opens, puts toys, closes, open again, puts more little toys, close again, etc.

Belle is fascinated with big boxes or containers. She plays with the box rather than with the toys most of the time.

Typical sight of the living room. Move the furniture aside & it's playtime! By the way, where's Belle???

Seriously, just put her in a box and she'll be happy.

"Watch me!"...
"Taa daa!! Im gonna do a split!"
Belle was wearing her Jeter shirt right before the Yankees won to move on to the World Series. GO YANKEES!

Nowadays, Belle always wants out of the playpen & wants to roam around the floor. She's way more independent, and is being brave. She's taking more steps by herself.

The walker was great, she ran freely & happily. But recently she learned how to get out of it. I caught her many times reaching for things & almost falling out. She needs constant eyes on her if she's on the walker. Actually....when is it ever safe to take your eye off this wild little girl???


Thursday, October 22, 2009


We finally finished our projects just in time for Belle's 1st birthday. It took awhile, but we finished.
I accidentally deleted the "before" pictures of the these pictures will have to do. I know you enjoyed this picture of my dad jumping with Belle too! Lucky you, you get to see it again!

My grandma really deserves the credit for sewing a slipcover for the couches. I helped, but she really did it all.
I originally wanted black slipcovers, but we couldn't find black at the fabric store. Weird. Then I found this brown. It was one of those moments where you keep looking around, but you just end up going back to this particular item. Brown grew on me. Maybe because it reminds me of chocolate. Now that it's on the couches, it especially looks like a big chocolate bar. Love that!

For curtains, I originally was shooting for color and funk...but these neutral circles were talking to me. I also wanted curtains that we could close all the way, but still have sunlight peeking through. So when I saw these white see through curtains with the white was a no brainer. Love at first sight.
And who knew that polka dots could look chic? I didn't plan on using these fabrics for throw pillows, but I didn't have time to run to the fabric store.
My grandma mentioned how the neutral circles looked great with the couch & there you go..done! I looked through my piles of fabric, saw the gray & white polka dots, and there you have it. I was sewing the pillows the morning of Belle's birthday. I felt like I was on TLC's old show, Trading Spaces trying to finish everything on time. So happy things are crossed off my list.
(during Belle's party)
I got this question many times...."Why white??"
And I'm always tempted to say...."Why not?!"

In a small house with 7 people & a whole lot of mess, I feel white makes it peaceful. It's looks clean & fresh, & that's what we need around here. A bold color, with everyone's bold & loud personalities, I think we'll all go crazy around here.

It's also way easier buying things for the house when it's white. Hot pink pillows, yellow polka dot chair, rainbow curtains. I want all of these...& it will fit in especially with the yellow walls gone. Years ago, I used to think white was so lame & boring. But now, we can do more with white.

"Hi Belle! How do you like the white walls?"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Belle is 1!

Belle turned 1 so we threw a party to celebrate! I loved that her actual birthday fell on a Saturday. Perfect! We celebrated at the house with our family & close friends. Great food, smiles, laughs, & good memories.

In the morning, while preparing for her party, Belle got a hold of the balloons.

Big thank you to Binh's mom who purchased this dress for Belle to wear on her day! She's fully aware for my love & obsession with polka dots. I also fabric painted the 1 on her dress.

For decor, I printed out letters to spell out Happy Bday Belle & made a picture banner. I used my favorite pics of her throughout the year. Many guests called it a timeline. I made these pom poms & it turned out cool! I got it here from Martha Stewart. Easy and pretty! And I got the banner ideas also from Martha ;)
Of course Belle's friend, Rachel came. As always, she was a doll.
And Iya came! I call her Julia Roberts cause of her pretty wild curly hair. When I was taking pics, she pulled a chair so she can sit & pose. Cutie.

Food! Yummm!

Belle has plenty of guests. Cause she's loved. And we love them!
Belle's cousin, Laila incubating.

Her cake was from TLC's Carlos Bakery. Red velvet. Yummm!

After most of the guests left, it was time for a mess....Gift opening. Belle was seriously attacking.
Before bedtime, she had to try out this toy from Auntie Lenee first.

Thanks to all the gifts..the toys that will forever keep Belle occupied. Also, her big pile of winter clothes. She was lacking winter clothes, but not anymore!

Thank you to all who came! It was nice to be around good company on her 1st bday. Even those who just stopped by for a quick hi..& to those who stayed late! ...It was a bonus since the Yankees won that night (And isn't it a coincidence that the one who got pied was number 17?!...Love it!)