Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween '11!

I think this is the first time Belle was super excited about Halloween. She asked to be Tinkerbell. If it were up to me, I would've dressed her up as another animal but she asked for Tink. I said yes when I realized I could make a super easy costume. I just made a green tutu, & used ribbon to tie around her neck & waist. Easy peasy!

Ready to go trick or treating!!
We happened to be dog-sitting Ponyo that day...which is totally fine!!
If I would've known Ponyo was coming, I would've forced Belle to dress as Dorothy.
Me & Binh were imagining her trick or treating with Ponyo as Dorothy...hehe...maybe next year?!

Halloween morning we couldn't find her plastic pumpkin trick or treat bag. The other tote bags I have are too big for her....so we quickly made a trick or treat tote. A real easy one. She requested the ghost, pumpkin, & green (like Tinkerbell) sign. She's just picky like that!

(guess what?? My mom found the plastic pumpkin bag while she was cleaning out the basement.. after we went trick or treating. Ha!)

We were walking up to a porch & I didn't notice the cat at first. It scared me!

When her bag was getting too heavy, she said she was "hungry for candy" so she literally ran home.
This was our pumpkin that we picked when we went pumpkin picking. I was never into carving so we painted ours. Belle painted her little pumpkin pink....but it fell & cracked. Oh well!

That was our longest trick or treat walk. We were all pooped! Belle & Ponyo took a looong nap soon after. Halloween is really becoming a favorite holiday!