Friday, August 20, 2010

Sesame Place!!

We went to Sesame Place in July.
Me, Aris, Belle, IJ, Binh, Karen, Gavin, & Belle
I've always wanted to take Belle there since she usually starts of her mornings watching Sesame Street.
I told my cousin & she got so excited & pushed for all of us to go. (She was more excited than Gavin. hehe)
Then we found out it would be raining that Tuesday. OH WELL! We're still going!

On the way there, it was raining so hard. We were all getting worried. But we couldn't turn back...we were passed half way. We called Sesame Place to check if it was still open & if there were any indoor activities. And 10 minutes later, we saw the sun. YAY!
Ha, you had us there rain!

We're HERE!

We didn't finish the whole park. Most of our time was spent in the water area.
The kids enjoyed it more.

I think the lazy river was mine, Binh, & IJ's favorite! If there were no kids, we would have stayed there the whole day.

Mike, Lenee, & Leila showed up too! They decided to come last minute.
But they left too soon. Cause it was getting hot for Leila. Oh well...NEXT SUMMER LENEE!!
Look at Leila eyeing Belle's cupcake. hehehe!

Then it rained again. And all the water rides were closed for safety.
We just stayed by Count's Castle...and waited out the rain.
The rain didn't stay long, & off the kiddos went to Count's Castle...
Maybe we spent the last 2-3 hours just hanging around Count's Castle!
It's really fun. Every where you go, there's water. It's crazy.
Aris got in there too...& that is a big deal. He usually likes to stay behind the scenes, take pics, and take care of our stuff. But he left our stuff, & went wild with Gav & Belle.
We went under that huge bucket spill maybe 15-20 times. hahah
Surprisingly, the kids like it! Even Belle! & It's pretty strong too.

On our way back home...
Watching a movie on the iPad. And of course it rained!

FUN DAY! I would definitely go again.
We should have went again since we didn't finish the whole park. Next year!
It's intended for kids but, I don't know who had more fun...the kids or us adults!? haha. There were no complaints or whining.
Since it was an overcast day, with some rain here & there...It wasn't crowded.
And I REALLY REALLY do not like crowded areas. That's my number one hesitation about going to theme parks. Oh & LINES. Waiting on lines...I don't do that.
We waited on lines for the lazy river and a tube ride...5-10 minutes each. Again, cause of the overcast day.

So overall, I recommend it. Bring your kids there. If you don't have one, then...go find a kid (someone you know, of course!) AND GO!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hi all! I know I've been overdue on everything. Pictures, posts, etc!
Summer has been keeping me busy & lazy..(does that even make sense?!)

So here are just a few overdue random pics:

Yesterday my brother already got his schedule for his first semester of college.
That really really weird! To me, he's still 13.
And then I remembered he did graduate!...
See him? He's right in front of the photographer with the ginormous smile.

Caught these two!

Oh & he went to prom too with his gf, Kim. This was still in May...or June? I forgot!

On another random day..we had a waterballoon fight.
Boys vs. Girls! King & Aris VS Karen, Binh, Belle, & I
I know the boys are outnumbered but still...they're fast!
I wish I had pictures of the water balloon fight..But there was no one there to take photos.

After the fight, we had smores.
(I know, it's summer, & it's hot. I was just wearing long sleeve pajamas because the mosquitoes were out & they love me)
Yum yum yum!!

Also last weekend, we went to NJ to celebrate Leila's christening!

Yay! Congratulations to Leila bear!

I have plenty up my sleeves....
Like, planning a party for my cousin coming from the Philippines!

& speaking of parties...I know Belle's birthday is still a bit far (October)
But I'm still confused of what to do for her birthday!
Have another house party?? Just a family lunch or dinner?
I wish it was outdoors..but it's Fall by then. So it's a bit chilly.
& I'm not into Chuck e Cheese or any of those things.
I'm confused!! What to do!?