Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last weekend

We went to a close family friend's 50th birthday party....Tita Alma!
I'm ALWAYS happy to be able to contribute and have my crafty-ness come to the rescue for an event! I was asked to make a colorful banner & a bunch of pom poms...You know I can't say no that!  
Also boggles my mind that Tita Alma turned 50...cause she looks nowhere near 50. I had to double check with my mom when I was asked to make the banner say, "Happy 50th."
After we had a deliiishh lunch, loved ones shared memories, funny (& embarrassing) stories, & sweet words to Tita Alma...
 Hugs with Vanessa after her funny & sweet message.
Then a friend of Tita Alma's serenaded her with "Faithfully"....which then led to her husband, Tito Henry asking her to dance. It was pretty funny (and cute).
 Belle always taking Krystal's camera!
 Her dessert.....strawberries & cucumbers. 
 Tita Alma's nephew, Sam! He said, "I'm wearing white, she's wearing white. And I'm wearing yellow, she's wearing yellow too!!" So cute!!
Look at Kit photo bombing. haha!

Our table:
 Our parents all think alike cause we all have the same first name!...Catherine, Katherine, & Katherine.

My dad likes to steal my camera to take a photo of him & my mom. For his facebook of course.

Aaaah...It was a great party & gathering of friends (whom I haven't seen in awhile!) to celebrate a huge milestone! Loved it. 

The family went upstate to go to another party of their friends'....which I was excited about cause my cousin, IJ & Gavin lives 5 mins away from where the party was!! They were lucky there was a public pool there...
It's insane how when these two first met, Gavin was around Belle's age now. Belle didn't talk yet. I remember the first time Gavin heard Belle talk...He turned to his mom & said, "Huh?? She talks??!" Haha! IJ & I always talk about that and start cracking up.
 The kids pool had to go through maintenance so they had to get out. They played hide n seek instead.
 My cousin Jory captioned this pic, "The loud Serinas!" true. Haha.

Monday, June 25, 2012

2 weekends ago

 Belle is so funny...She was so me with her pretend camera taking pictures of things that caught her attention. Mostly airplanes & trains. We were on our way to NJ on a Friday during rush hour...worst time to go there. Cause we were stuck in traffic in almost every street we turned. When I'm stuck in that kind of annoying situation....I take the camera out.
This was the worst...waiting to go into the Holland. We were in this spot for a realllly long time. The girls in front of us got out of their car for a cigarette. People turned their cars off and got out for some air...talking on their phones, etc. Then Belle & Aris started complaining they were hungry & wanted hot dogs. I don't know how but Aris convinced me to get out of the car and buy hot dogs at a vendor down the street...while still waiting to go into the Holland. I started laughing when I realized Aris was taking my picture. haha!
 After I ran back in the car, everything was smooth sailing.
 Last billboard before going into the tunnel.....of my favorite!! Jennifer Aniston :)

 Saturday afternoon we grilled & ate outside....
 The girls were busy gathering pine cones & playing.
 Lenee and her water with apples & cinnamon. Her magical water. 
 Them cracking up. Because Bingle was telling Aris about a movie...she said, "when the girl came out of the canyon" But Aris heard, "when the goat came out of the canyon" He was so confused, it was so funny! They were laughing till tears came out.
Lenee left Leila with a klondike bar for a few minutes...

Later that night we grilled our really late dinner outside. This was around 10pm.
 Practice boxing sessions while waiting for food.
 Sangria & chatting in our pjs till the weeee hours of morning!
 Hanging out in the "beautiful room" 
 For Father's Day we went to Mike's cousin's house for good food and a girls date.

Fun times! Always a good time being random with family!!