Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3 day weekend

This could possibly the most photos I did for a single post?! The long weekend started out lame since Belle got sick, but she her actions/personality didn't change. She's a tough little cookie. And we all ended up having a long awesome weekend anyway!

 I thought painting would make her feel better. It did.
She said, "Take a picture of my purple house when I sit on the purple chair!"
 Inspired by "Up"! Mine's on the left. It always feels good to paint even if it's with a 3 year old chatterbox.

 Haha I think we look so funny! We biked around with Aris. Belle was a chatterbox as always. Was never a quiet ride. "Mommy, look at the bird house! They have a camping trailer, neighbors are going camping? Where are we going? Can we go to the park? Wow I see the moon. Dad, take a picture of the moon!! etc etc etc!"

And on Sunday we had a huge project....Assemble a new shed. It was an all day affair. Haha
 I put all the styrofoam in a plastic bag to be thrown away. The second I turn around, Belle grabs it & starts "making" something.
 Just woke up from a long nap. Feeling clingy.
Flowers are obviously pretty, but I'm hardly ever one to stop & admire them. But once I did, got up close.... wow the details are so pretty! I got carried away...
 aaahhh bee!!
so so pretty!
 And after many hours, sweat, & many mosquito bites, the shed is finally up! 
 Time to clean up...
 This cracked me up...She said, "I'm gonna get on my surf board. Gonna go surfing"
We watched Soul Surfer for the first time & we are all OBSESSED with the movie! We replayed it about 5 times last week. We love it!
 "Paddle in the water, paddle! paddle paddle!"
 "Gotta surf like Bethany!" (from the movie)

Memorial day was a beauuutiful day. It feels like summer. We grilled & ate lunch outside. First time this year.
They have a weird relationship, these two. This pic just proves it.
 Who doesn't love a few jumping pictures? haha

Then headed to the park.....where Belle got barefoot. Ewww
 Attempting to squeeze into Belle's rainboots.
 Aris got fancy shots of my sister, but she barely made any shots that day. hahaha Sorry Karen.
 I'm fine on the sidelines. hehehe

Phewwww...long post!! I think this was the longest ever :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Times Square

We're suppose to be in NJ this Memorial weekend, hanging & catching up with family. But we're not. We actually went there Thursday, spent the whole day with Leila bear. But when it was time for bed, belle was unable to sleep, battling a cough n' sniffles. She cried and begged to go home, so we did. On our way home Aris said, "Wanna drive around the city?" Which we then ended up in Times Square. So from our short trip, I only have pictures of random streets/avenues and Times Square.
 The whole week has been rainy.
 Just took the camera out the window & snapped. Didn't realize it was 22:50....or 10:50pm :)
Puff Daddy always has a billboard. I don't recall a time when I go to Times Square and not see a billboard of him!
 "City that never sleeps" is literal. It's almost 11pm, and if we went at 11am, the amount of people would still the same.

After the good 10 mins of passing by, seeing all those billboards, I realized I've been lacking in the Broadway musical department. I haven't seen a broadway in soooooooo many years! I need to find one that Belle would enjoy too. Hmmmm....suggestions?