Friday, September 19, 2014

Hunter at 3-6 months

I like grouping his pictures like his clothes sizes :)

Sometimes I jokingly tell Belle to change his diaper just to see her reaction.  But she says, "OKAY!!" and will happily do it.  Very unexpected! haha

This boy! A piece of work but he's really sweet. Always attached to my hip. He's all about eating & pooping but not much sleeping. Very active.  He needs a helmet!....not even kidding. Belle enjoys him. She treats him like her doll...again, much to his dismay. haha She's overbearing and hugs him reeeeeeally tight until he gets frustrated. And there's moments when he gets to her too.  I have a video of her cleaning her box of crayons only to have him take the crayons out....or she'll watch on the iPad and he'll come to press the button.  And he likes pulling her hair too. They're pretty crazy!  Love them....but they're crazy!

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