Monday, September 15, 2014

Hershey Park

 Only ride this guy went on was a stroller ride!
 Their favorite ride....the dreamy hot air balloon one.

This was actually a month ago. August was a whirlwind. We realized summer was ending and tried to do our summer list before the month ended....and then school started. And I was only able to see our Hershey pictures now! Hershey has been on Belle's bucket list for a long time. A very fun park, but we unfortunately was not able to see everything. For us, we would have needed 2 days. Although the park was great, my favorite would have to be Chocolate World!! Wish I could have gotten more goodies. Funny part was when me and Lenee freaked out when we saw the Hershey spread & bought it....only to realize when we got home, it's at our local grocery stores. haha!

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